eero Teams up with VMware to Deliver Whole-Home Wifi to Remote Workers

Today, we are excited to announce we will collaborate with VMware, a leading provider of multi-cloud services, as a VMware preferred wifi provider for a work-from-home solution that will extend corporate network performance and security capabilities to the home office. Designed for employees based in the U.S. and delivered by strategic channel partners, the collaboration is designed to pair eero 6 mesh wifi systems with the VMware SASE Work from Anywhere solution.

Deploying VMware and eero solutions together will enable IT teams to extend a better at-home wifi experience for their employees and help support the multiple data-intensive tasks often associated with work-from-home life – from joining a work video-conference call, to streaming and gaming in 4K, to online learning, and more. Channel partners will be able to offer customers a solution that brings together:

  • eero 6 series mesh wifi systems featuring Wi-Fi 6: Employees need not be limited to working from one location in the home. eero 6 series mesh wifi systems feature Wi-Fi 6, the latest technology delivering fast speeds, and solid coverage for simultaneous device usage throughout the home, so employees will be able to say goodbye to dead spots in the home and enjoy strong app performance. Employers will have the option to offer eero Pro 6, a tri-band, high-performance mesh Wi-Fi 6 router designed for homes with Gigabit internet connections, or eero 6, a dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router designed for homes with internet connections up to 500 Mbps.
  • eero Secure: Employees will also receive an added layer of security for their home wifi, including parental controls for safe search, content filters, advanced security preventing access to sites flagged as malicious, ad blocking to protect their privacy and speed up their browsing experience, and data usage insights to better manage time online.
  • VMware SASE Platform: VMware’s cloud-hosted solution will help enable more secure, reliable, and efficient connectivity between user traffic from the eero wifi network in the home to applications in the public cloud, SaaS cloud, and on-premise data centers. VMware SASE brings dynamic remediation capabilities when broadband networks experience packet loss, latency, and jitter. The solution recognizes over 3,000 apps automatically, and intelligently prioritizes business-critical application traffic, providing a better user experience. The solution handles latency-sensitive real-time traffic like audio, video, VDI, and IoT, providing a low-latency optimal path using a global network of SASE Points of Presence (PoPs) close to the eero wifi users. These PoPs are strategically placed at the doorstep of major SaaS and IaaS providers to offer under 15 milliseconds of latency between users and their applications in the majority of deployments.

For IT teams, VMware SASE helps deliver operational simplicity leveraging the centralized Orchestrator to drive networking and security policies. IT can configure these policies and push them to all the remote sites powered by eero wifi systems. In addition, VMware SASE uses AIOps to give IT teams the visibility they need to determine the actual user experience when users access cloud applications. The solution compares performance benchmarks between different sites and identifies opportunities for improvement. The solution is not limited to simply identifying and analyzing issues – it also helps remediate these issues proactively with a path to self-healing.

Learn more about the collaboration between eero and VMware.