Meet the Hubbs Family heeros

And how eero helped bring WiFi to their backyard

Editor’s note: Occasionally we hear from someone who triumphed over WiFi insanity in an especially inspiring way. They faced down horrendous dead zones, buffering nightmares, and range extender rage, yet they emerged victorious. We’ll offer up these stories from the WiFi trenches in our new series, eero heero, where we’ll celebrate your victories and highlight what’s possible when you have WiFi that just works.

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For our second eero heero feature, we have the Hubbs family: Tyler and Lisa, and their daughters Madison, Payton, and Bridgette. Tyler Hubbs reached out to share his transformative experience with eero, and how it upgraded life at home for him and his family.

Where: East Bay, CA

Home type: 3000 sq ft, ranch-style home with a large backyard

Number of eeros: 3

Life before eero

From working from home to entertaining in the backyard to enjoying family movie night, the Hubbs rely on WiFi to power many of their favorite activities, and their previous solution just wasn’t cutting it. They constantly found themselves having to reset their Netgear router and range extender.

Even when the router and extender were working, the corners of our home and our backyard were dead zones.

Both Tyler and Lisa regularly work from home in the guest cottage / home office, and intermittent connectivity made this close to impossible on some days. To add to the frustration, Netflix and Amazon wouldn’t stream properly, with constant buffering ruining any chance of getting caught up on the latest series. And after investing in a Sonos sound system, frequent connection issues — usually right in the middle of a dinner (or dance!) party — were a constant annoyance. Plus, when the WiFi went down, so did access to their wireless security camera system, putting their home’s security at risk.

Tyler had heard about eero after the pre-order launched, and read a few of the reviews from industry experts. After tons of research, he decided to buy a system.

I wanted reliable coverage on my entire property, the additional features were much more than my current router offered, and it’s way better looking than anything else out there!

WiFi, from the front door to the fire pit

Although self-proclaimed “technically-challenged,” Tyler was able to complete the setup process in about 10 minutes, including getting his connected devices back online.

Once eero was set up, the Hubbs’ immediately noticed a difference. Their network performance improved dramatically — upload and download speeds with eero were two to three times faster than before. Best of all, the Hubbs now get full WiFi coverage across their entire home and property, even in the far corner of the lot. With most of their entertaining and family time spent outside, WiFi in the backyard is a game changer.

The moment of truth with eero came when the Hubbs were having friends over for a celebratory dinner party. The kids, after exhausting themselves running around in the backyard, settled into the master bedroom to watch Netflix while the parents ate dinner. Previously, WiFi coverage in the bedroom was spotty, resulting in freeze frame and buffering during every streaming session. Halfway through dinner Tyler realized her hadn’t heard a peep about Netflix not working — he silently thanked eero, and got back to the party.

The proof is in the features

Besides for fixing their buffering and dead zones, the Hubbs make full use of eero’s additional features. With Family Profiles, they can now easily set restrictions on their children’s wireless access and set up schedules to regulate when their devices have WiFi access (i.e. 3–7pm). And, Tyler or Lisa can turn-off WiFi on the whole network, or specific devices, at any time with a couple clicks in the eero app.


The Hubbs love the ability to easily give visiting guests full or limited access to their network directly from the app.

And eero’s design is beautiful — I’m proud to have them on display.

Another thing they love about eero: the hands-on customer support. Although he said he hasn’t needed it much, Tyler appreciates having access to a super-responsive customer service team that’s available for live conversations, 7 days a week.

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