5 WiFi Survival Tips

For the impending Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine a world full of eyes-glazed people, wandering aimlessly, trying to avoid dreaded dead…zones. Sound familiar? No, we’re not talking about your WiFi problems, we’re talking about zombies. But this got us thinking, what if it were the zombie apocalypse and you were the only one left with a working WiFi system?

Image via AMC.com

First you’ll need to brush up on your research. Thankfully The Walking Dead returns this Sunday. Once you’re feeling ready here’s how to make it out alive with the help of your WiFi:

Stream undetected with wireless noise cancelling headphones
Walkers are extremely sensitive to sound. Take all the necessary precautions.

Order a bat from Amazon Prime
Protection is key. But why risk running to the local sporting goods store if you never have to leave your house? (If there’s anyone left to deliver…)

Watch a YouTube makeup tutorial for the undead
It’s all about blending in. While this comes at a risk (they can smell your flesh) it may do the trick in a pinch.

Ask Alexa to turn off your lights when intruders approach
No sudden movements. You can turn the lights off from the safety of your bunker…er bedroom.

Blog your future best-selling life story of survival
Write every moment down as you live -tweet #zombieseverywhere2017. This may be the apocalypse, but don’t let good content go to waste.

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And as always, we’ll provide the WiFi.