Tech gift ideas for the fashionista on your list

At eero, we agree that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for substance. That’s why we spent months packing a lot of power into an elegantly designed pod. Similarly, we understand that other pieces of everyday technology shouldn’t have to be unattractive either. If you’re looking to meld technology with style, here are six gift ideas for the fashionista on your holiday shopping list.

Apple Airpods

Price: $159.00

Headphone cords are annoying. They get tangled, they’re too long, and let’s face it, they don’t always go with what you’re wearing. Apple’s AirPods are the antidote. They have the same slim, sleek look as the original Apple earbuds, but they’re cordless and won’t get in your way. They’re so discreet, they’re the perfect accessory to any fashionista’s outfit.  

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Price: $129.95For your fashion-forward friend who likes to posts their latest looks on Instagram, the HP Sprocket portable printer makes a great gift. The printer allows you to connect to your social media accounts and print photos directly from Instagram, Facebook, and more, in just seconds. Sprocket makes it easy to instantly turn photos into colorful 2×3 prints whenever the moment strikes.

Apple Watch

Price: $329.00 +It was hard to find all the functionality of a smartwatch packed into an elegantly designed piece of jewelry. That was, until the Apple Watch debuted. Think of it as a calendar, phone, fitness tracker, and watch, all in one compact bracelet. Plus, it’s waterproof and lightweight, so it can live on a wrist all the time. If you’re really looking to make an impression, we recommend splurging on the Hermes-designed band.

Ankit Marble Power bank

Price: $19.99

The Ankit Marble power bank combines the practicality of a portable charger with high design. It looks like a beautiful marble coaster on the table, but it has built-in charging ports. It can be placed on a desk, thrown into a purse or backpack, or slipped it into a pocket – it’s lightweight and can go anywhere a fashionista does.

Fugetek FT-568 Professional High End Alloy Selfie Stick

Price: $18.95

Does the fashionista in your life have Instagram struggles? Just not showcasing their picture-perfect lifestyle well enough? Let’s face it, their selfie game may have plateaued. It’s time to bring in the big dog – a selfie stick. It’ll allow them to capture that flattering high angle, while showcasing whatever glamorous event or tourist attraction their snapping photos at. Perhaps a better gift idea? Offering to be their personal photographer for each of these memorable moments.

DOFLY Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

Price: $22.99

Give the gift of “portrait mode” without the price tag of a brand new iPhone. DOFLY’s camera lens kit includes three detachable mini camera lenses that clip on to smartphones and tablets of all varieties. The kit includes a fisheye lens, a macro lens to capture tiny details, and a wide angle lens, which is great for a group of people or a landscape shot. The lenses come with their own carrying case, making them easy to use on the go.