Announcing the all-new eero app

The biggest changes ever made to the eero app, with a simpler navigation and support for more smart home integrations are now available for download on iOS.

Announcing the all-new eero app

Today, we are unveiling some of the biggest changes we have ever made to the eero mobile app. Our new dashboard brings your devices and what’s happening on your network front and center, putting the heart of your connected home at your fingertips. With a more intuitive navigation, you can accomplish almost any task in just a few taps. The new app also makes it easier to discover new features and smart home functionality, starting today with Amazon WiFi simple setup and with much more to come. Version 3.0 of the eero app is available now for iOS and is coming soon for Android.

See everything at a glance
When you launch the app, you’ll land on the new Home screen, which gives you a high-level view of everything happening on your network, making it easier than ever to manage your home WiFi. Network status, family profiles, and connected devices are all within reach — so you can take action and then get back to what matters. And with the new plus button, you can connect new devices, create profiles, and invite guests to your eero system, straight from the Home screen.

Stay informed and protected
Activity helps you track the performance, reliability, and security of your network, all in one place. Here, you’ll be able to see speed test performance of your network over time. eero Secure customers will have access to running charts that display threats stopped, ads blocked, and virus scans completed. We have no doubt you’ll enjoy checking in to see how eero has kept you, your family, and all your devices connected, safe and secure. Click here to learn more about eero Secure.

Keep up with the latest
As more and more of your devices come online, we know you want to be in control of how your network integrates with all of your favorite smart home services. With the Discover tab, you’ll find all of our latest features, services, and smart home integrations. The first big piece of news here is eero’s support for Amazon WiFi simple setup feature, which can help you connect supported devices to your WiFi network in fewer steps. You will continue to see more and more devices support WiFi simple setup.

“I’m excited to see how Discover evolves over the coming months,” said Nick Weaver, eero CEO. “Amazon WiFi simple setup is just the beginning. We are eager to roll out more integrations so customers can use all of their favorite smart home devices to connect, secure, and manage their connected home.”

We didn’t forget about dark mode
And last but not least, the eero app now supports dark mode. By matching your iOS display settings for dark mode, your eero experience is even more seamless than ever.

The eero app version 3.0 is now available for iOS devices and will be available for Android early next year.