Gift ideas for the sports fan on your list

Tailgating, pre-gaming, fantasy league, player stats – we all know someone who’s a diehard sports fan. Why not celebrate their passion this year with an appropriately themed gift. Here are five great tech gifts for your favorite sports fanatic.

GoPro HERO6 Black

Price: $494.00

For the live sports fan in your life, the Go Pro HERO6 Black is great for recording all the action on and off the field. This portable camera sends the footage it captures to your smartphone where the companion app turns all the action into a “QuikStory,” that’s easy to share. From the big leagues to Little League, Go Pro won’t miss a moment of the action. Next stop, the peewee football highlights reel.

Wilson X Connected Football

Price: $149.99+

Bring the latest in technology straight to the gridiron with the Wilson X Connected Football. While it might look like a regular old football, this special pigskin pairs with the Wilson X app and brings some real metrics to the game. The ball and app track completed passes, velocity, spin, distance, and spiral efficiency each time the ball leaves the hand. Plus, it’ll definitively prove who among your friend group throws the best spiral.

Wireless speaker cooler

Price: $60.00

For that friend who’s always the life of the party, this 3-in-1 portable speaker will elevate them to the next level. Not only does this compact cooler hold 6.5 liters of fluid, it also contains a built-in speaker and device charger. It’s the perfect gift for the avid-tailgater because they can stream the pre-game show, stay hydrated, and ensure their devices are fully charged all at the same time.

ESPN with Sling Orange

Price: $20/Month

For the cord cutting sports lover, consider gifting a subscription to Sling Orange. Instead of the high price of cable, Sling is a cable provider that allows for ala carte channel options. Sling Orange offers access to ESPN 1, 2, and 3, so they’ll never miss the big game. Plus, the package also includes HGTV, so they can also catch up on their guilty pleasure Fixer Upper.

Smart sneakers Under Armour

Price: $104.00 – $119.00

To play like the best, you’ve gotta train like the best. Under Armour’s smart sneakers are a fun gift for the sports fan who is also looking to make waves on the pitch. The intelligent shoes will track your workouts and sync with MapMyRun, so you can exercise with our without your phone. The shoes never need to be recharged, and they’ll remind you when you’re at 400 miles and it’s time to replace them with some new kicks.