Remote Network Management now available for Custom Installers

Today, with the launch of Remote Network Management, eero makes it even easier for Custom Installers to install, and manage their customers’ networks – from anywhere. Remote Network Management, a free software service available exclusively to Custom Installers, joins a number of exclusive products including our PoE+ Adapter and Mount, as well as unique SKUs of eero and eero Beacon.

What’s new with Remote Network Management?

Remote Network Management is a tool that allows Custom Installers to check on network health for all their customers and troubleshoot issues from anywhere. Custom Installers can now easily set up customer networks using eero’s mobile app, and then transfer these networks to their Remote Network Management Dashboard at any time. This feature reduces truck rolls, increases the time Custom Installers have for other jobs and services and can help Custom Installers make more money.

Top features of Remote Network Management include:

  • Full dashboard to view Network Health, eeros, and connected devices
  • Network reboot
  • WAN speed tests
  • IP reservation setup, edit, and delete
  • Port forwarding setup, edit, and delete

This new software service is available for free with every Custom Installer SKU of eero and eero Beacon.

PoE+ Adapter and Mount

eero’s PoE+ Adapter and Mount make home installations easier and more customizable than ever before. With our PoE+ Adapter, there’s no need to string additional power to one area of a home — Custom Installers can simply connect eero using Ethernet. That means installations can be tailored to a client’s unique connectivity needs, no matter the home size or electrical layout.

eero’s PoE+ Adapter, as well as our Custom Installer exclusive eero and eero Beacon SKUs, are available through distributors around the country — including Catalyst AV, PowerHouse, Wave Electronics, Access Networks, and Perfect10.

Become an eero Custom Installer

Are you a Custom Installer or Integrator interested in eero? Go to to sign up and get access to exclusive products, discounts, training, VIP support, and more.

If you’re already an eero Custom Installer and want to get started with Remote Network Management, you can do so here.