eero at CEDIA

eero was founded on the principle that your WiFi should be so good, you’ll never have to think about it again. That’s why we built the world’s first Home WiFi System, capable of delivering fast, reliable coverage to every corner of every room. In June, we released the 2nd generation eero and eero Beacon, providing even better coverage and making it easier to customize the WiFi experience to specific needs of your customers’ homes.

Since we launched the Custom Installer channel last August, it has grown to represent thousands of dealers who provide one-of-a-kind installations for their customers. As a valued channel, we’ve been listening to feedback from both installers and their customers about how we can make that experience even better. In those conversations, two product requests came up most often – specifically, a way for installers to more easily connect eeros to Ethernet cabling in ceilings and walls, and the ability to manage networks remotely. With that, we’re expanding even further with two new products launching later this year — a PoE+ Adapter kit and Remote Network Management tool. Unlike legacy products in networking, eero has provided installers a way to customize WiFi systems to cover any home. Now, with these new tools, we’re offering more customization, while also making it easier to setup and manage networks.

PoE+ Adapter

The new eero PoE+ Adapter allows for eeros (2nd generation) to be powered via PoE+. From retrofits to new construction, the system will support a broad range of Ethernet cabling, allowing dealers to install eeros in any home in any configuration they need.

eero PoE+ Adapter

Built with more than just performance in mind, the kit includes both a custom mount, as well as a cover, designed by the eero team with the same attention to detail and elegance as our other products. This means it’s easy to install on walls and ceilings, while also ensuring customers won’t need to sacrifice look and feel for a better WiFi experience, which has always been a key promise to our installers.

Custom cover with eero (2nd gen)

Remote Network Management

eero’s Remote Network Management tool gives our Custom Installers an easier way to view and manage all of their customers’ networks from one screen via

With this new tool, dealers can search for clients’ networks, view network health, and troubleshoot remotely. As with all eero products and services, we’ll continue to improve Remote Network Management with new features and functionality over time.


To learn more about eero products and the Custom Installer channel, stop by booth 633 at CEDIA this year in San Diego from September 7th-9th. You’ll be able to register as a Custom Installer directly from the booth, and see demos of both the adapter and Remote Network Management.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us or get more information, please call 1-866-754-7286 or email See you there!