eero honored with the 2018 Red Dot Design Award

We are thrilled to share that eero was just awarded the 2018 Red Dot Design Award for our 2nd-generation products, eero and eero Beacon. The Red Dot Design Award is given to companies and products that exemplify innovation, quality, and durability.

eero is designed by Bay Area-based firm Bould Design, an industrial design group focused on creating products that embody function, simplicity, quality, and character to its customers.

Simplicity and quality are core to these designs. In a category historically made up of routers that resemble spiders or are just large and unappealing, our objective was to design a device that people are proud to display in any room of their house, without having to sacrifice on performance. To achieve that we started with a simple shape, a small footprint, and a quiet color suitable for the home. Then, we added crafted elements like a highly polished top surface, metallic logo, simplistic I/O ports, and a nightlight in eero Beacon.

With a form factor more compact than anything else in the industry, eero sits seamlessly on a bookshelf, a media stand, or a desk without overtaking the space. eero Beacon can simply plug into any wall outlet in your home — whether it be a hallway, bathroom, or kitchen counter. And yet while it is as little as half the size of other Whole Home WiFi products, the technology inside is second to none — able to deliver fast and reliable WiFi to cover every corner of your home. Keeping this small footprint was a difficult design challenge but important or key to convincing users to place our product prominently in their home (which is critical for performance).

More on the Red Dot Award

In 2018, designers and manufacturers from 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 objects to the competition. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation,” a jury comprising roughly 40 members assessed the products individually based on the original. The strict judging criteria, which include a level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, and durability, provide a frame of reference which the jurors then complement with their own expertise.

eero and eero Beacon are joined by fellow Bould Design award-winning brands such as Roku, Light, and Rylo amongst others.