eero is now a launch partner for the new Product Hunt Shop

Buy eero on Product Hunt

We’re thrilled to announce that eero is a launch partner for the new Product Hunt Shop, which debuted earlier this morning.

Like that first cup of coffee, Product Hunt is part of the morning ritual for many of us at eero. We turn to it to discover the latest products and trends, and for inspiration. We share a community: the tech early adopters who have been with us since the beginning and continue to evangelize eero to friends, family, and the broader world.

As I’ve written here before, during the first week of our pre-order, Product Hunt referred the second-highest number of website sessions of any channel, right around 10% of total traffic. We also had a whopping 762 upvotes that week, a number that has since risen to 1375.

\An early post to the eero Product Hunt page

Whenever I have time, I continue to answer questions on our Product Hunt page. It’s a great window into how people are thinking about their home WiFi and eero.

For Product Hunt, moving into ecommerce and allowing people to immediately buy the most innovative new products is an exciting next step. Someone discovers a product like eero and can buy it right away in a matter of seconds. Frictionless. We’re excited to see where things go.