eero Plus, now with VPN, 1Password, Malwarebytes

Stay safe even when you’re not at home.

Our homes are chock-full of smart devices that all have at least one thing in common: they rely on the internet. As your gateway to the internet, eero is uniquely positioned to be a platform for any application or service that’s delivered into the home. In June we launched eero Plus, the first step toward realizing that platform. A one-tap security service that protects you, your family, and all your connected devices from harmful sites and inappropriate content, eero Plus currently blocks over 150 malicious sites a week for the average member.

Just like the eero Home WiFi system, eero Plus was designed to get better and better with time. The original version only protected your family and devices at home — a limitation we’re addressing with several new partnerships and features.

  • VPN service from
  • Password manager from 1Password
  • Enhanced anti-malware protection for devices from Malwarebytes
  • Network-level ad blocking

Combined with its existing protection, this will make eero Plus the most comprehensive bundle of digital security products on the market — an annual value of over $300 for $99.

VPN and anti-malware software help you stay safe on the go

By encrypting your traffic and routing through remote servers, a VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) creates a private connection to the internet that keeps your data secure, even when you’re on public WiFi. eero Plus members will get access to, a respected VPN app that works on both mobile and desktop, that you can download on an unlimited number of supported devices in addition to 5 user accounts.

To further protect your devices while you’re on the go — and provide even more protection when at home — we’ve partnered with Malwarebytes to bring advanced antivirus and malware protection software to your computers (Windows and Mac) or Android devices. Malwarebytes scans for malicious content, cleans infected computers, and actively protects your devices from malware, ransomware, and more. Malwarebytes demands few system resources (memory or CPU) yet still provides state-of-the-art virus protection. eero Plus will enable members to download Malwarebytes on up to three devices.

While eero was updated to protect against the recent KRACK vulnerability, many WiFi networks at airports, coffee shops, hotels, and friends’ homes may never be updated. This makes VPN and anti-malware software more important than ever.

Keep your logins secure with 1Password

A password manager like 1Password (an eero employee favorite) is the best way to create and store strong and unique passwords for all your accounts, without having to remember each and every one. With our new partnership, you can easily and securely share the logins you choose with up to five family members. At the same time, keep a personal vault of logins that only you can use.

Block ads on every device

Ad blocking (available in beta) not only prevents annoying ads or pop-ups, it also improves load times for ad-heavy sites. Unlike browser plugins, eero Plus blocks ads on every device on your network — even phones, smart TVs, and other connected devices. With just a few taps, you can easily toggle Ad blocking on and off in the eero app.

We’ve focused eero Plus on digital security and privacy because they’re key to a safe and connected home, but every connected home needs a broader suite of services — from data storage to entertainment. eero’s ability to bring fast, reliable WiFi to every corner of your home sets it up to expand beyond security and deliver services like this in the future. Subscribe to eero Plus in the eero app today or learn more at