Chris and Eileen’s eero story

Meet Chris and Eileen. This is their eero story.

Chris and Eileen recently moved to Detroit, and their eero system was one of the first steps in making their new house a home. After suffering from spotty WiFi even in their small bungalow in Venice, CA, they were concerned that their much larger home would only compound the problem. Both are working creatives, and enjoy hosting dance parties and movie nights, so coverage and reliability were key.

A mix of new and old

Chris and Eileen live in a Victorian home built in 1895 that’s been restored and slightly renovated – ” a great mix of new and old” says Eileen. At 2,200 square feet, with 2 floors and a basement in progress, there’s a lot of house to cover. Their home features beautiful hardwood floors throughout, with tile in the kitchen and dining rooms. Party at Chris and Eileen’s house because the first floor includes a Vinyl DJ Setup/dance room, perfect for Chris to practice his craft, while hosting friends.  That is connected to the dining room, a kitchen, living room, TV room, and half bathroom. The second floor includes master bedroom with on-suite creative studio space for Eileen, a guest bedroom, Chris’ music studio, their “vintage store” room and a full bathroom.

The home’s exterior is all brick with wood accents and large wrap around front porch, perfect for a warm evening. They are currently in the process of planting & gardening in the front and backyard now that it’s finally warming, and potentially putting their “1960s canned ham trailer” to become an AirBnB ( “very @ShelterSocialClub inspired” per Eileen) in the backyard.

Chris is a DJ, life is a dance floor


Chris and Eileen are a family of creatives. Eileen works as a digital marketer, for a company that creates craft kits which also lends itself to some of her many hobbies which include textile arts (macrame, weaving, indigo dying, etc.) Chris is a DJ and also manages the couples vintage business. When living in LA, they sold at flea markets, even running a flea market in Venice. “We love hunting for and giving old, storied objects new life!” They share 3 pets – Cats Victor and Truman, and Rusty the dog. Victor is from Michigan, Truman was adopted in Chicago and Rusty in LA – one pet for every state they’ve lived in.

Since Chris is a Vinyl DJ, they can often be found listening to music  – with a whole room dedicated to records and hanging out…”partying if you will.” They watch movies on their Smart TV, which Eileen says was a total upgrade as part of their move. Eileen also loves to cook. Both also work from home occasionally, love to garden, and still find time to run their vintage business out of the home. 

Life pre-eero

Many of their devices use WiFi, whether as cord cutters watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or working from home. Eileen also says “WiFi is so necessary for me when I’m cooking” from looking up a recipe or reference cooking techniques online.

With a home made mostly of brick and wood, they worried signal risked getting lost. Prior to eero, using a basic single WiFi router – the signal was terrible, and at the time were only living in about 500-600 square feet. The couple experienced constant buffering when they watched movies, dead zones and intermittent disconnection altogether.


A new way to WiFi

Once the couple was settled into their new Detroit home, it was time to set up eero. “Setup was super easy and painless. I think it took me all of maybe 10 minutes at most!” says Eileen. The house has 3 eeros – one connected to the modem in the ballroom as they call it aka the record/hangout area, one in the bedroom, and one in Chris’ home music studio. 

Now with their network up and running they have all their devices hooked up (TV, laptops, smartphones, iPad) and have no need to disconnect to reduce strain on the bandwidth as they’d often do before “which is great.” Eileen says “it’s so much easier to work without having the internet be slow because another device is sucking up the WiFi. I didn’t think it would be possible for Chris to be watching TV in one room, and then me working on my laptop and phone in another. It’s amazing!”


Happy WiFi, Happy Life

Whether asked about their WiFi when guests are over or recommending to friends and family lamenting over WiFi problems, Eileen simply tells them to get eero: “It will change your life.” Chris and Eileen appreciate the peace of mind in being able to rely on their technology. “I love that my WiFi at home is now stable and consistent no matter what room I am in,” says Eileen. 

As creatives with style to boot, aesthetics matter to them too. “I also love the design – it’s simple and clean, very understated and fits right in with my home decor.” Eileen adds “not an eyesore like old WiFi extenders…”

Chris and Eileen take pride in their home not only for it’s beautiful and historic design but the memories they share together. “Home is a place where we can be ourselves, relax and do all the things we enjoy.”

Chris and Eileen live in the historic Hubbard Farms District of Detroit. You can see more of their adventures on Eileen’s Instagram @lalovetta. All photography by @eeberger

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