Have you found the keys to summer success?

These 5 people unlocked the secrets to winning this summer

Summer’s in full swing (except maybe not in San Francisco). Long days and warm temperatures offer a great excuse to get outside, recline, and rejuvenate. Whether you enjoy hosting mellow afternoon gatherings or blow-out Super Soaker bashes, make sure your outside setup is as summer-ready as your beach bod. To help you make the most of the sunny season, here’s a list of must-haves for every summer personality:

1. The grill master

You’ve been training all year for this moment. The barbecue is your domain. And to master your craft, you need the most sophisticated tools.

Self-proclaimed “Mom friendly. Dad ready.,” this smart grill by Lynx does the heavy lifting for you. WiFi enabled and voice controlled, it redefines the meaning of a “smart device.” Novices and experts alike will love all the fancy features, and you better believe your guests will be impressed.

A barbecue isn’t complete without ice-cold beers. And maybe a blended margarita. And definitely some tunes. This smart cooler has it all — it’s the Coolest. (Please note: ultimate BBQ Spotify playlist not included.)

2. On-the-grid adventurer

You love adventure. The thrill of the outdoors. But maybe not too much adventure. Okay, maybe you prefer to stay closer to home, in the comfort of your own backyard.

With this portable Cube projector, you can stream The Truth Behind while sitting around the campfire, and turn any setting (even the backyard) into your living room.

If you’re not ready to go fully off-the-grid, at least act the part with the coolest gear, no wilderness required. We’re a fan of this 8-person tent, with room for two queen airbeds. Who says #glamping doesn’t count as sleeping under the stars?

3. The green thumb

You find your zen with a little dirt under your nails. If your plants are your pride and joy, they deserve the best.

Tech doesn’t have to be relegated to the indoors. With the Blossom smart watering controller, your plants will never go thirsty. And you can hit snooze a few more times, resting assured your lawn is getting its early-morning care.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and sweat in your yard (maybe a bit too much…). Make sure it stays safe — whether from pesky creatures or more serious threats. With the new outdoor Nest Cam, peace of mind meets sleek design.

4. The cord-cutter (aka couch potato)

It’s hot out, and what better way to beat the heat than to stay inside with the AC. With more episodes to watch than hours in the day, it’s critical to stay efficient with your TV time. You’re the master of cutting cords and (hallway) corners.

You take TV seriously, and this smart TV respects your craft. Designed for sports and gaming enthusiasts, it offers the best in 4k content. Plus, built-in Roku means you can say goodbye to your cable subscription forever.

Occasionally you require sustenance. With the Segway MiniPro hoverboardyou’ll never have to walk to the kitchen for more popcorn. Phew!

5. The wedding guest

Summer also means…it’s wedding season, kid! Whether your friends have a registry or you’re looking for something more unique, don’t be that guest who shows up empty-handed. And don’t just give them something they need, give them something they’ll love.

Make the happy couple honeymoon ready with this high-tech Away suitcase, guaranteed to make a lasting impression. A built in battery charger keeps all their devices fully connected, and everyone at home up-to-date on their tropical adventures (thanks, Instagram).

Now that they’re cooking for two, get them started with the newest craze in cooking: a Mellow sous-vide machine. With quick setup, in-app chef assistance, and little-to-no clean up, the newlyweds won’t have to stress over meal prep. Added bonus: they might invite you over for dinner. #winwin

The temperatures are high, but your stress levels shouldn’t be. Whether you have a marathon of backyard parties to attend, or just want to stay inside and binge watch TV, don’t let connectivity issues cramp your style. Get the most out of your connected devices with wall-to-wall eero WiFi. We’ve got you covered inside your house and throughout the backyard. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the WiFi.