Here’s to you, Dad

Carlos, father of Carolina, Data

This weekend, we want to celebrate one of our first reliable connections, Dad. We salute you, Dad, for being there for us and guiding us with your wisdom. Kick back and relax this weekend because you earned it! In the meantime, a few of us here at eero wanted to shout out our heeros:

“This is Jim Dickson.  He’s a master machinist and fabricator than can fix or build absolutely anything… except computers.  He likes to spend his time searching Ebay for parts for his vintage British sports car, and going on hikes with his dog.”

– Drew, DevOps


Bucky loves to mow the lawn, listen to 70s British rock, BBQing and considers himself a ‘tech luddite’ but recently discovered Apple products and Facebook. He is a FaceTime enthusiast and DVR’s his favorite sports for later viewing (if he can’t catch it live on his am radio in the garage).”

– Kathleen, Marketing


“This is my dad Clayton. It was just me and him from the time I was ~3 months old. He loved Guns ‘n’ Roses, Garth Brooks, Trans-AMs, and the Cowboys. He was always a step ahead of me when it came to technology, my passion for tech came from him. His favorite activities with me were Fishing and Golfing. 4:00 in the morning stopping for powdered donuts on the way to the lake for all day of laying on the bank catfishing.”

– Bo, Customer Experience

“This is my dad Nacho. He was born here in SF and grew up in Pacifica but now lives in the East Bay (San Lorenzo). He’s a fan of 80s rock and metal as well as cheesy action movies. He also loves constantly moving his eero nodes around the house to maximize coverage. He claims he stays up to date with technology but still responds to text messages with a phone call.”

– Jon, Software

“This is Carlos from sunny Lisbon (Portugal). He’s been taking care of his glorious mustache for nearly 30 years. He loves taking care of his garden, walking the dogs and having as many hardware tools as possible – you never know when you’re going to need them!”

– Carolina, Data

“This is Petey, my dad. He loves to golf and is the biggest superhero movie fan I’ve ever met.He also works for the IT department for New York State, so he really understands the trials and tribulations that go along with poor WiFi. You’ll find him at home wrestling the Roku remote away from his two dogs, Zoey and Roscoe.”

– Devin, QA

“My dad, John, is the best because we’ve always been able to rock our cool sunglasses together!”

– Justin, Finance

“Scott is a street photographer, payments expert, advisor, investor, and dad of three. He’s more of a techie than me, so I signed him up for the beta program. He moves terabytes of photos between cameras, computers, backup drives, and the Internet, so WiFi is pretty essential!”

– David, Product



So whether he’s a gadget guru or a tech luddite, we know how much it means to be able to give our dads something to say thanks for showing you the ropes all these years. From streaming his favorite team to checking in on you via FaceTime to make sure you’re following his advice on the carburetor, he shouldn’t have to worry about tinkering with the WiFi. eero has roots in parental tech support, with our founder Nick, creating a system to reset his parent’s router from college. Thankfully, eero is much easier. So get him something you’ll both benefit from this year: an eero home WiFi system

Cheers to you old man!