Moving? Time to upgrade to a mesh network

Couple at home

Roughly 35.5 million people move every year in the U.S., more than 1 in 10 people (U.S. Census Bureau). On the long list of to-do items involved with a move, getting internet service activated tops the list for many. But setting up your internet doesn’t just involve getting connected with your internet provider, you also need to make sure you have fast and reliable wifi throughout your new home.

Whether you’re moving into a bigger home and need wifi coverage through your entire space, adding a lot of new devices to your wireless network—such as smart home devices—or you need better internet speeds in your new home office, a mesh wifi network provides an excellent solution.

What is a mesh wifi network?

To understand what a mesh wifi network is, let’s first briefly discuss how a traditional network works. In a traditional network, you may have a wifi router. For many, this is built into the modem provided to them by their internet service provider. This wifi router sends out a wifi signal. The closer you are to the device, the stronger the signal; the farther away you are, the weaker the signal. The signal may also be disrupted by walls or even appliances like your microwave. What remains at the end of the signal is the dreaded “dead spot.” 

The old way of solving this was with a wifi extender. Wifi extenders work by amplifying the wifi signal. The problem is that they can only amplify the signal they receive. So if you put a booster in a spot with a weak signal, there won’t be much signal to amplify. As such, these devices only really help extend wifi into small spaces and often do so at the expense of speed.

Today, mesh networks provide a more advanced solution to this problem. Instead of simply boosting the signal from a single source, mesh wifi devices are placed around your home and work together to create a unified, wide-ranging wifi signal. (Yes, it’s a little more technical than this, but we’ll save that for another blog.) Because they work together as a cohesive system, they’re able to intelligently manage internet traffic and overcome many of the challenges with traditional systems.

Benefits of a mesh wifi network

Better wifi coverage: Perhaps the primary benefit of a mesh network is that it provides better wifi coverage. If you’re moving to a bigger home where a single wifi router cannot reliably reach all parts of the house, a mesh wifi system, like those offered by eero, is an easy fix.

Faster wifi speed: Even if you pay for fast internet speeds from your internet provider, the wifi router they provide may not be able to handle these speeds, especially if multiple devices are connected. Mesh wifi systems, like eero, can typically handle higher speeds than many traditional wifi routers and help ensure fast, consistent speeds across the network.

Connect more devices at once without slowing down: For some, the internet may work fine… if no one else is using it. But as soon as the family returns home and everyone is online, the internet slows to a crawl. Mesh wifi systems, like eero, broadcast multiple wireless bands simultaneously (like having multiple connections), allowing for more users to be connected to the network simultaneously without significant impacts on speed.  

Save money: When you use the wifi router provided by your internet provider, you are actually renting that device, and every month you may be paying a fee to do so. While this may be small, the cost adds up over many months. By purchasing a wifi router, you no longer need to rent one from your internet provider. 

Added security features: Along with improving performance, many mesh wifi systems, including eero, come with security features. eero Secure provides great security and privacy features, including parental controls, to help keep your family safe. eero Secure+ provides everything included with eero Secure, with the added benefit of VPN, Malwarebytes, and 1Password, all of which help create a comprehensive internet security solution for you and your family.

eero and TrueMesh techology

eero devices are built around TrueMesh technology, a mesh software that learns network usage behavior over time and optimizes the network routes based on current usage. eero TrueMesh technology enables dynamic rerouting of network traffic over the optimal path for transmission without any loss in signal quality. It is designed to enable two-way network hops, which allows signals to travel down hallways or around walls with less signal and speed degradation.

An eero mesh network system helps you gain complete wifi network coverage throughout your house. Our eero standalone router provides coverage up to 1,500 sq ft, while three eeros cover up to 5,000 sq ft. And three eero Pros cover up to 6,000 sq ft! Using one, two, or more eero devices, you can expand your mesh wifi network to fit your unique needs. 

Supporting faster internet speeds and consistently strong wifi signals, an eero mesh network system is a critical upgrade to your new home. Whether you’ve transitioned to a bigger space or just to a different floor plan, if total coverage throughout your house is on your wishlist, look no further than an eero wifi system.

Learn more about eero, and find the eero system that’s right for your new home.