So easy your Grandma can do it

WiFi is complicated, but setting up your home network shouldn’t be. When we started building eero, one of the first things we decided was that it needed to be easy to set up and use. With that in mind, we made it so that anyone could be their own IT professional. In fact, we made it so easy that your 90 year old grandma could do it.

Meet Betsy.

Betsy is an 88 year old grandma from Indianapolis, who always struggled to get her home WiFi working. Betsy’s modem and router are in her home office, downstairs in the far corner of the house. That made it particularly tricky to get WiFi upstairs where she likes to FaceTime her grandchildren or download the occasional book. It also meant that her Internet would drop in-and-out while she was in her kitchen. She’d had enough. When Betsy heard about eero from her son in the Bay Area, she decided to give it a try.

“I was just hoping it would work, but when I saw eero it was also very handsome. And the directions were pretty easy to follow so I didn’t need any help from my son,” said Betsy, who placed one eero by the modem in the office, another one near the stairs on the lower level, and one at the top of the stairs. “So now I have WiFi on the second floor for when I want to check email or financial matters from my room.”

“My WiFi was sporadic before, and now I have it up and running, period. eero has been a Godsend” said Betsy. Checking Facebook from her room upstairs is now a joy rather than a frustration.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard so many great stories about how eero helps people enjoy WiFi rather than suffer through it. Whether it’s children or grandparents who’ve installed their eero system, bizarre and fun places people are now able to stream their favorite shows, or whether it just helps families get along better (without the agitation of a WiFi outage)—we love hearing your stories. Have a story to share?