Which state has the fastest internet speed?

There are now hundreds of thousands of eero networks across the country. So we decided to see what states are averaging what speeds. What we found was a mixed bag, with the fastest states hugging the coasts and the country’s center, and slower speeds in more rural areas, especially the far north. The fastest state on an eero network in July 2017 was Kansas, at a whopping 165.5 Mbps. Wyoming, was the slowest state, at just 36.34 Mbps. Of course, even these speeds are light years ahead of the 56k dialup modems of the 1990s.

Check out where your state lands on the speed scale:

On average, eero customers have download speeds of 81 Mbps, almost 48% faster than the typical American home, and upload speeds of 26.4 Mbps (39% faster). That’s pretty impressive, though eero users in Singapore leave the US in the dust, with download speeds of 232 Mbps.

Here are the five fastest and slowest states:

Who’s got the fastest internet in town?

After we were finished with the states, we turned to towns. The slowest eero network we could find is on Alaska’s north slope in Kaktovic Alaska, with a painful download speed of .5 Mbps. At that rate it would take almost two hours to download an HD movie – basically as long as it would take to watch it. In Dallas, on the other hand, we found our fastest network in the US, at almost a full Gigabit per second. With that kind of speed you could have five devices simultaneously playing 4k streams, downloading a software update, and browsing the web, and still have extra bandwidth at your disposal. 

We heed your need for speed

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