If you stream it, they will come

5 ways to stream the World Series

If you stream it, they will come

For the modern sports fan, one screen — or even stream — isn’t enough to catch every magic moment. Whether it’s live-tweeting your reactions to the best #webgems or refreshing your Gameday app, it’s all about a connection.

For our CEO Nick, and many patient Chicago fans, this World Series is a whole new ballgame. For the first time since 1945, the Chicago Cubs are headed to the big show — and Cleveland hasn’t been there since 1948. Plus, the world’s changed quite a bit since the 40s. Today, tens of millions of fans watch baseball around the globe, many of whom stream it from the internet.

The 2016 World Series is full of decade-long narratives and die-hard fan bases. So to make sure you’re in good shape for water cooler talk, here are five ways to catch the excitement online, especially if you don’t have cable:

Sling TV

The streaming service from Dish Network is a top pick for watching baseball. And it’s a relative bargain — subscription fees are only $20/month.


For serious baseball fans, especially those living away from their home team, MLB’s subscription streaming option gives viewing access from all devices. Plus, they’ve updated their options this year, making it easier for more fans to follow their teams.

Fox Sports Go

While it requires a cable subscription, the Fox Sports Go app allows fans to watch from a variety of devices, at home or on the go. (Baseball in the backyard, anyone?)

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s new offering provides access to the games for $40/month, with or without a PlayStation device. It also works on Roku, Chromecast, and FireTV. Check local availability here.


No matter where you catch the game, following the action on Twitter is the best way to get instant #hottakes and replays, while immersing in the community of fans all over the world. Stay up-to-date with moments, and follow the #MLB and #WorldSeries hashtags to join the conversation.

We also asked our (entirely unbiased) in-house Cubs fans for their favorite follows:

And to be fair, here are a few Cleveland follows.

If baseball just isn’t your thing, it’s also the first day of NBA season — plus, football and hockey are in full-swing. And if you can hold out until Thanksgiving, there’s this… so no one gets left out.