The eero app gets an upgrade

A redesigned home screen to understand your network at a glance.

Our mission is to make WiFi friendly and approachable. This applies to every part of the eero experience. Whether you’re unboxing your system or setting up your network, eero WiFi is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable. Today, we’re launching an update to the eero app, clad with a newly designed home screen that makes it easier to understand your WiFi.

What you need, when you need it

The clearer visual representation gives you a quick look at your overall network status, how many devices are connected, and how your eeros are doing. You’ll likely see “Everything looks good,” but if there’s an issue, we’ll let you know what’s happening, and how to fix it.

Tapping the icon indicating the number of eeros on your network will take you to a WiFi details screen showing each of your connected eeros, their locations, and their current connection status. Selecting an individual eero will allow you to check the strength of its connection, see what devices are connected, and even turn the LED off-and-on.

We’ve got your back

We work to not only ensure each and every device works properly on your eero network, but also to make your connected home simple and worry-free. If there’s an issue on your network, the app will help you troubleshoot it. And when you want to talk to an actual person, our team of WiFi experts is here to help. Contact us right from the app, or give us a call at (877)-659–2347.

Update your app to get the new look today.