The internet, privacy, and how eero secures your data

In the past couple days, I’ve received a number of emails, tweets, and phone calls from customers, colleagues, and partners asking about eero’s stance on the latest internet and privacy news. Since it’s top of mind, I want to take a moment to reiterate our commitment to securing your data and respecting your privacy.

Our lives at home rely on WiFi for more than entertainment. Personal and secure information — health, financial, professional, and more — pass through our WiFi networks on the way out to the internet. In building the eero WiFi system, we have a responsibility to safeguard the data and privacy of your network and the devices on it. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Every component of the eero system uses best-in-class encryption and security protocols. Our team works round the clock to improve eero’s software, which means we’re always ready to fix bugs and patch vulnerabilities. In addition to internal audits, we contract with third party experts to stress-test and improve security. Since we can quickly push updates to every network, you can be certain that you’re running the latest software.

eero also keeps your data private. Its software actively prevents eero from keeping a record of the sites you visit and the content you access on the internet. And we have no incentive to get that information, since we aren’t in the business of selling ads or your personal data. Instead we seek to create the best possible WiFi experience. One that you can not only rely on, but trust. That means building great hardware, launching compelling new features, keeping your data secure, and protecting your privacy.

As we innovate and build new products and experiences, we’re actively working to safeguard your data and protect your privacy. And we’d love your help. If you have any thoughts, feedback, or just want to share what you’re thinking, please email me at If you’d prefer to provide your thoughts anonymously, simply fill out this form.