Why 1Password is the tool you need right now

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We’ve all been there: staring at a dreaded login screen only to realize that you’re locked out because you can’t remember your password—and the only way to get in is to reset it! As more aspects of our lives are migrating online, there is an uptick in the number of passwords that people have to remember.

When faced with the prospect of creating yet another password, it’s tempting to phone it in by opting for an ordinary word or combination of numbers, reusing old passwords, or putting a new spin on an existing password by changing just one character. The problem is, these approaches result in passwords that are not very secure.

Short of creating and memorizing dozens of long, complex (but secure) passwords, how do you keep all of your online accounts safe? Answer: 1Password.

A password manager, 1Password is the easiest way to create, use, and keep strong passwords. Here are just some of the benefits of 1Password.

Only one password

With 1Password, you no longer need to remember all of your passwords—just one. They’re all stored securely in 1Password, meaning the only password you need to remember is the main password to unlock your 1Password account. So, go ahead and forget your passwords!

Use more secure passwords

Because you no longer need to remember your passwords, you can use longer, more complex ones that are more secure. 1Password can auto-generate strong passwords for you, which is a safer way to create secure passwords than making them up yourself.

Protect your information

1Password can securely store more information than passwords, like credit card information and form data that you use regularly. All of this information remains locked in your encrypted 1Password vault, away from hackers.

Safely share passwords

There may be times you want to securely share a password with your family. 1Password makes it simple and safe to share and protect these sensitive details so you don’t have to share them through risky channels, like unsecured email.

Check for breaches

With the Watchtower feature, 1Password can track breaches and other security problems, like weak, compromised, or duplicated passwords. For example, if a website that has your password suffers a data breach, 1Password will alert you and give you the opportunity to change that password on the compromised site, as well as on any other sites that share that same password.

Peace of mind with eero Secure+ and 1Password

eero Secure+ with 1Password can make your online life safer and more convenient. 1Password eliminates the hassle of juggling (and forgetting) passwords while keeping your accounts secure. It’s the easiest way to store and use strong passwords, allowing you to log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click. With your eero Secure+ subscription, you’ll receive access to 1Password for up to five different members. Simplify access to shared accounts and enjoy peace of mind for the whole family: share passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more. Manage what family members can see and do, and recover accounts for locked out family members. 

Staying safe online doesn’t have to be complicated—with eero Secure+, it’s downright simple. eero Secure+ combines superior security features and tools into one subscription to keep your personal information and devices safe. If you’re ready for an easier, more secure way to manage your online accounts, visit our store to sign up for eero Secure+ with 1Password.