“Working from home” when you’re not at home with eero

Man working on a balcony with his laptop and a cup of coffee.

Over the past several months, COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we work. From endless videoconferences to learning to be productive while sharing space with partners and children to the rise of “business-on-top, casual-on-the-bottom” work attire, professional life looks a lot different than it did just six months ago. While the recent, mass embrace of remote working may have been born of necessity, as we adjust to the “new abnormal,” it seems increasingly likely that working from home will become standard for many US employees.

“Working from home”

As most offices remain closed, many employees are taking the opportunity to rethink where they perform their work. While some are choosing to quarantine in mountain lodges or beach homes, other adventurous souls are remote working from camper vans and RVs. After all, when you’re no longer tethered to a physical office, you can theoretically work anywhere.

Bring eero on the road

How do you make your experience as seamless as possible when working from a remote location? For users making an extended stay at a home away from home, eero’s home wifi system can be easily transported to make connecting to the internet a breeze. Simply connect your eero hardware to the modem in your new abode, and your eero network will start providing the same excellent wifi experience you’re used to at home. Because your eero network already knows your devices, you won’t need to re-enter wifi passwords. And for parents, your eero network will retain all of the device IDs and parental controls that you use at home, helping to provide a safe internet experience for your children.

Stay safe with VPN

The transition away from traditional office settings and into more flexible working arrangements does come with additional considerations. High on that list: when you’re relaxing in your family’s cabin in the woods, sitting poolside at an Airbnb in Palm Springs, or taking advantage of the free wifi at a coffee shop while en route to your next campsite, how do you ensure your internet connection is secure?

It is well documented that public wifi networks—including any wifi networks at airports, coffee shops, hotels, and even friends’ homes—are notoriously unsecured. These networks provide access to malicious actors to plant malware, steal information, and even snoop on your activity. To help protect yourself while on a public network, you should use a virtual private network (VPN). By encrypting your traffic and routing it through remote servers, a VPN creates a private connection to the internet that keeps your data secure, even when you’re on public wifi.

At eero, we are working hard to ensure our customers can use the internet safely, whether working from home, an Airbnb, or out on the open road. With an eero Secure+ subscription, you get industry-leading security features and tools to keep your personal information and devices safe. All eero Secure+ subscribers receive access to encrypt.me, a trusted VPN service that works on both mobile and desktop.

Protect your devices with anti-malware

To further protect your devices, whether you’re at home or on the go, we’ve partnered with Malwarebytes. This anti-malware software scans, cleans, and actively protects your computers from viruses, ransomware, and more. Malwarebytes works on and off your eero network for continuous protection.

eero and Secure+

Whether you’re looking to elevate your work from home experience or want to feel confident when you take your work on the road, eero’s home wifi system can help. 

Learn more about eero Secure+ and find out which eero system is right for you.