Here’s how to maximize your wifi to work from home

Improve the quality of video calls, voice conferencing, and online gaming.

We’re working, playing, and connecting online—more than ever before. Shouldn’t your wifi work from home, too? With eero, a better connection might be just a tap away.

While eero’s TrueMesh technology works to blanket your home in fast, reliable wifi, there can be moments that overburden your network. That’s where our “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming” beta feature comes in. By balancing device usage, the feature reduces wifi strain and improves connectivity for internet connections under 500 Mbps. It queues wifi traffic and limits the amount of bandwidth certain devices can use. So you can work assured with an improved voice and video conferencing experience.

Here’s how to enable:

  • Head to the Discover tab in your eero app.
  • Tap on the eero Labs (beta) section.
  • Turn on “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming.”

Note: While “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming” still provides bandwidth access for every device, you may see slower performance on certain devices.

How can it work for me?
Picture this: You’re on an important conference call while your partner is simultaneously browsing the web in another part of the house. But instead of drop-offs, buffering, or dead spots, your connection stays strong. That’s “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming” hard at work. The beta feature is best for internet connections under 500 Mbps, and works to improve your work-from-home needs.

What’s eero Labs?
“Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming” is part of eero Labs. eero Labs makes it easy to test out our latest innovations and works in progress. While each beta feature in eero Labs is tested extensively, there may still be room for improvement. We encourage you to provide suggestions or even ideas for things you’d like to see in the future, right from the eero app.

How else can I get a faster connection?
Aside from offering advanced network protection, eero Secure can improve load times on ad-heavy sites by blocking ads and pop-ups. Learn more at

At eero, we’re always committed to finding new ways to improve your wifi experience, especially as you spend more time at home. Discover the latest in wifi at

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