5 WiFi frights scarier than clowns

Ok, maybe not as scary as clowns. But close…

This year has been full of scares—from clowns gone wild to the ghost of Harambe, there’s plenty to be afraid of this Halloween.

But we all know what truly strikes fear in the hearts of anyone with a smartphone: an empty WiFi symbol.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most chill-inducing WiFrights:

Buffy the WiFi slayer — slashing speeds in half, one show at a time:


The dreaded WiFi dead zone, where Instagram feeds go to die:


The sharp stab of a paperclip into your old, useless router:


The scream-inducing data overage because the WiFi is down, again:


Finding this spider-like creature, lurking in dust-filled shadows:


There’s salvation from these monsters terrorizing your home, we promise. Don’t let your old technology trick you into thinking you’re getting your money’s worth. Treat yourself to eero, and breathe WiFi back into your dead zones.