6 Halloween costumes for the binge-watching procrastinator

Looks from your favorite shows, all Prime eligible

We get it, you’ve been busy. It’s easy to lose track of your free time when there are so many good shows to stream. But now it’s almost Halloween and you don’t have a costume. Don’t fret: we’ve rounded up six costumes inspired by your favorite TV characters. Each item is Amazon Prime eligible, so you’ll get them just in time — and you’ll never have to leave your couch.

Negan: The Walking Dead
As a power binger, the only dead zones you should experience are the ones on your screen. Time to take back your home — grab your bat and go kill some zombies.

1. Scarf 2. Leather Jacket 3. Bat & (pretend) barbed wire 4. Belt 5. Boots

Eleven: Stranger Things
Your past is dark and buffered, but what if we told you there’s a powerful force that travels through walls and could change that? Stranger things have happened.

1. Eggos 2. Dress 3. Jacket 4. Wig (or if you’re feeling committed, clippers) 5. Socks

Daenyrs: Game of Thrones
Families fight. Whether it’s for the remote or for bandwidth, everyone wants to be in charge. Call your dragons and show them who’s the rightful heir to this kingdom.

1. Dragon 2. Cloak 3. Flamethrower (use with caution) 4. Wig 5. Jewelry

Pablo Escobar: Narcos
Some may call it stealing. But you think of yourself as more of a Robin Hood, smuggling your neighbor’s WiFi signal to those devices that need it most. To really get in character, order the best mustache money can buy (and your own, legal, WiFi).

1. Mustache 2. Sweater (DIY nautical decoration) 3. Lightwash denim 4. Cash 5. Comfortable shoes to run from the fed

Man in black: Westworld
While you’re content with your phone, your tablet, your TV, and your smart wine decanter, you’re starting to wonder what would happen if technology got too smart. When it does, you’re not going down without a fight.

1. Hat 2. Jacket 3. Scarf 4. Gloves. 5. Toy Guns

Luke Cage
You don’t back down from a challenge, whether it’s seeing how many hours you can go without getting up to use the bathroom, or protecting what you love. You’d prefer quiet time reading and streaming, but you can’t help the way you are.

And if staying in is your thing, don’t let pesky trick-or-treaters interrupt your binge session. Just DIY this Netflix Halloween doorbell, so you’ll never have a pause in the action.

Once you’ve taken care of costume shopping and the neighborhood kids, nothing should stop you from enjoying your show, especially not buffering. We know just the trick (spoiler alert: get eero. WiFi that actually works).