8 smart home products for the entertainment enthusiast

Step up your game with the latest in connected home entertainment products.

Home entertainment is no longer restricted to the living room. Today, you can watch the latest show on a tablet from your bedroom, stream smooth jazz while cooking in the kitchen, or immerse yourself in a virtual world from the comfort of your couch.

There’s a smart device for whatever form of entertainment you’re craving. Whether you’re a discerning binge-watcher, an extreme gamer, a remote control enthusiast, or a music guru, these devices and apps have you covered. And with the holidays coming up, they’re certainly wish-list worthy.

For the movie buff and TV binger

Source: Sony Electronics/PRNewswire

Sony Android TV, $5,499

This TV will probably be the last one you’ll buy for a while, due to its elegant design and unobtrusive features. Stream content from all your favorite apps with the “Content Bar,” which allows you to pick a new show while continuing to watch. Finally, no need to sit around indefinitely scrolling. Plus, baked-in Android functionality give this TV a powerful voice search, as well as the ability to deliver content from your phone to the television via Google Cast.

Source: azureazure

Keecker, $1,490

The Keecker is one part projector, one part security guard, and one part R2-D2. Moving around your home using an array of cameras, ultrasound, gyroscopes, and more, it turns any wall into a movie screen and any room into a concert hall. This roving entertainment system even has 360-degree audio, and it runs cold (unlike other clunky projectors which overheat after longer usage). Best of all: The battery lasts up to 48 hours. Did someone say “James Bond marathon”?

For the gamer

Source: Oculus

Oculus Rift, $599

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has somewhat of a knack for identifying game-changing technology, which is precisely why he bought Oculus. The virtual reality company’s Rift setup is the ultimate testament to digital escapism. Strap on the comfortable goggles, plug in the ear buds, and connect to your Xbox for an incredible experience. What makes it so special? Oculus Rift offers the sensation of “presence” — which allows you to feel like you’re actually in HBO’s Westworld, not just watching it.

Source: Microsoft

Xbox One S, $299

Speaking of XBox, Microsoft’s stalwart gaming engine has been around for some time, but there’s nothing quite like the new Xbox One S. It’s equipped with an IR extender cable which enables you to control all of your electronics — cable box, television, audio system — through the console. Plus, games and videos look insanely good thanks to the box’s High Dynamic Range technology and 4k streaming.

For the (remote) control freak

Source: Simple Control

Simple Control, $399

Formerly known as Roomie Remote, this handy smartphone app uses WiFi to control thousands of devices — TVs, cable/satellite boxes, receivers, lights, thermostats and more. If a device is connected to the Internet of Things, Simple Control can tell it what to do. Plus, the intuitive user interface sets up quickly and is incredibly easy to use. Life on the couch has never been easier.

Source: Max-Tomasinelli for Lift-Bit

Lift-Bit, $14,151

Couch potatoes can be smart, too. The Lift-Bit is a wacky modular couch that forms all types of configurations — from a bed to a full living room setup — so you can control your connected home from the comfort of your smart furniture. Each hexagonal stool rises or falls depending on the shape you need. Lift-Bit is now available for pre-order.

For the music fiend

Source: Sonos

Sonos Connect, $349

Do you want to stream music in multiple rooms in your home? Do you want access to the best streaming services on the internet? Sonos Connect is for you. The leading home sound company’s newest audio box is a 1.5 pound beauty that fits right in with any home aesthetic. Plus, control all of your music and connect your audio components through the Sonos app. Play it again, Sam!

Source: Bragi

The Dash by Bragi, $299

Headphone manufacturer Bragi has stuffed high-quality audio and a personal assistant into two wireless earbuds, so you can experience your music, podcasts, phone calls, and more without boundaries. These earbuds have more than 27 sensors, a waterproof structure, an activity tracker, and 4 GB of storage (just to name a few features). You don’t even need to open an app to take advantage of The Dash — it’s “Gesture” feature recognizes your body movements, so you can do things like nod to answer a phone call, or shake your head to decline it.