Become a custom installer for eero

Our newest feature, built for eero Pros

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Just like an eero system, the Custom Installer (CI) program continues to get better over time with additional features created specifically for our CI network. We’ve heard your feedback, and created the CI Install feature to make it easier for you to set up eero networks in your clients’ homes.

With the CI Install feature, you can now configure an eero network on your own mobile device, and then transfer ownership to your customer’s device with just a few taps. Setup is as simple as ever, and transferring a network only takes a few seconds.

eero fills the void in current enterprise-grade WiFi products

eero delivers hyper-fast, whole-home WiFi with a quick setup experience. Plus, your customers get more than just whole-home WiFi — they also have access to valuable features like Family Profiles and Guest Access in the mobile app.

But don’t take our word for it. Our national network of CIs say it best:

Jeff Solin of Solin Systems in Chicago

“This product has really made my life a lot easier. By having a distributed, mesh network, connected devices on the network work better. I finally have a WiFi solution that isn’t a giant hack. My clients love it and I never have call backs. And eero tech support is unmatched. When I call, I get through to someone right away and they know what they are talking about.”

My clients love it and I never have call backs.

John Young, Owner of Smart Home Systems in Denver, CO

“eero has quickly become our go-to solution for our custom integration clients that have large homes and little or no network cabling. Since a 3-pack of eeros takes almost as long to unpack as it does to configure, eero has allowed us to increase our profitability on our installation and configuration. I had one client tell me that his teenage daughter no longer complains about their WiFi connectivity and that he is in the running for ‘Dad of the Year’. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

eero has allowed us to increase our profitability on our installation and configuration.

Register your techs today

Custom Install is only available to eero-approved CIs.

Existing dealers, please take a moment to add the name and contact details of your team members on the CI portal. Once they’ve been added, your team can access the feature from the eero app (iOS only). To learn more, check out our support page here.

New dealers, register today on the CI portal. You’ll receive a discounted eero system for your own home, so you’ll be able to speak firsthand to customers about the benefits of eero. Plus, as part of our CI program you’ll get perks like discounted pricing from distribution, training, and VIP support.

We look forward to working with you!