7 tech gifts for parents

This year, break from the traditional holiday gifts for parents, like socks and the latest Tom Clancy novel, and give your elders a hot new tech gadget. Because some might be resistant to the idea of new devices, we’ve compiled a list of tech gifts that are simple to use and will add benefit to your parents’ lives. Ease them in with these devices and in no time, they’ll be requesting the latest VR headset.

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Price: $199.99

The Prynt Pocket is a device that attaches to your iPhone, turning it into an instant camera that lets you snap a picture and print it in just a few seconds. Think of a polaroid, but you don’t need to lug around an extra piece of equipment. It’s a great gift for parents who may not be as digitally-savvy about sharing photos, but is much easier than developing film.  

Tile 2-Pack

Price: $59.99

Are your parents constantly misplacing their phone and keys? Set them up with a pack of Tiles. Tiles are small, discrete trackers that can be attached to your keys, wallet, phone, even the cat! If your misplaced item is within 200ft, it’ll show up on the Tile smartphone app, making it easy to locate lost items near and far.

Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000

Price: $300


If you’re dad is still looking for the closest shave, maybe he needs to get smarter about it. The Philips Smart Shaver is the world’s first Bluetooth connected shaver. The hardware acts like a typical, high-end razor. But the Smart Shaver Series also has a companion app that guides you in how long you need to shave for as well as giving tips for custom looks. It’s quite the upgrade from a razor and soap for your dad — it’s the smart technology he deserves.

Name: eero Home WiFi System

Price: $399

Tired of playing tech support for your parents? eero to the rescue! eero isn’t just a router, it’s a WiFi system that ensures your home has fast, reliable WiFi. It is incredibly easy to setup, plus, you can manage multiple WiFi networks all from a single smartphone app. That means, if you have an eero network running in your own home, you can also install your parents’ network and manage it from the same app. If anything ever goes wrong, eero even allows you to remotely reboot the system, so you won’t have to make another hosuecall. We know we’re a little biased, but it’s a great gift your your parents, and a timesaver for you.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Price: $289.99

If your parents are still lugging around 10 pounds of books wherever they go, set them up with a Kindle Oasis so they can take their entire library with them. Letting go of physical paper is hard, but with Oasis’ design and laser quality text, the screen reads just like paper (even in direct sunlight). It also boasts the longest battery life of all the Kindle varieties and with the included leather charging cover, the tablet can go months without a charge.  

Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100

Price: $31.69

If your parents struggle to keep their devices charged (hey, who doesn’t?!), a portable battery pack makes a great stocking stuffer. The Anker 20000 weighs about as much as a chapter book but can charge an iPhone 7 nearly seven times. It has two USB plugs so your parents will be able to charge two devices simultaneously and the battery pack only takes 10 hours to recharge itself. Remind your parents to slip it in their bag before leaving the house and they’ll never have battery range anxiety again.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

Price: $99.99

Ready to really blow your parent’s minds? Set them up with an Amazon Echo. They’ll be able to play their favorite music, check on sports scores, find out when their next meeting is, and catch up on the latest news – all at the prompt of their voice. It’ll be like they have their own personal assistant (but far more affordable for you).