Don’t take our word for it: The best-reviewed WiFi system on the market

We know making the decision to upgrade your WiFi can be daunting. That’s why we designed a setup experience that takes just minutes and built a knowledgeable, friendly support team that will pick up your call in under 10 seconds. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your eero system for any reason, you can return it, no questions asked. We’ll even pay for the return shipping.

We know that finding all the information about a product you’re interested in buying can be just as daunting. There’s tons of it, from many different sources, and it’s often scattered far and wide across the Interwebs. So, we thought we’d make it easy by putting everything in one place. We’ve highlighted some of our reviews on Amazon and five press reviews that we love — and included links to every review that we know of. If you’ve seen others, please let us know, and we’ll add them to the list.

Amazon reviews

Here are a few of our favorites:

An excellent product that will only get better as it matures

eero has changed everything

eero is the solution to all your typical and annoying WiFi problems

Press reviews

Wall Street Journal — Review: The End of Bad Home WiFi

Despite having tried various routers and range extenders, Geoff Fowler still struggled with a WiFi dead zone on one side of his house where he couldn’t even load a webpage. In his review, Fowler also compares the internet to oxygen (there’s a trend here) and setting up an eero system to getting a new lung.

Ars Technica — Eero uses “largest consumer mesh network dataset” to boost Wi-Fi performance

Ron Amadeo dicusses the latest software update, TrueMesh, with our founder, Nick.

ComputerWorld — eero saved my home Wi-Fi setup. Et tu, Google?

JR Raphael believes he found WiFi salvation, and it comes in the form of the eero system. It’s not magic, it’s just hardware built by a passionate group of disruptors, in a space he thinks needed disruption for a long time coming.

Engadget — eero is the home WiFi solution I’ve been waiting for

Nicole Lee gives a “loud and unequivocal yes” to eero in her review. She praises eero’s sleek design and seamless setup experience, but says the speeds are where eero really shines.

Consumer Reports— The eero router solved my home WiFi

Consumer Reports is one of the most reliable destinations on the internet. As the ultimate consumer advocate, they tell it like it is. Even as a self-proclaimed “neophyte when it comes to networking,” James Willcox found the ease of setting up eero to be one of its best features. With eero, he was finally able to stream movies and music from his outdoor space. As a father, he liked the ability to add his kids’ friends to a separate, secure guest network, and found eero to be a reliable, easy-to-use WiFi solution for the whole family. Plus, he put his money where his mouth is and bought his own eero system after the review period was over!

The Verge — Mossberg: eero makes WiFi simpler and stronger

In his review, Walt Mossberg highlights the importance of great WiFi in your home, calling it “air for living a digital life.” His home’s building materials and layout make it “kryptonite for WiFi,” but replacing a system of Apple Airport Extremes with eero did just the trick.

Tech Insider — This clever router will solve all your WiFi problems

This review really hits on why eero outperforms a range extender. With eero, Antonio Villas-Boas no longer has to switch between networks while moving through his house; eero handles hand-off between devices. And unlike range extenders, which only have one radio to both listen for and broadcast signal, each eero has multiple radios, so speed isn’t cut in half as it moves from device to device. He used a WiFi analyzer tool to track the before and after, and the results speak for themselves:

Here’s the full list of reviews by press to date:

Adam Savage’s TESTED — Tested: eero WiFi router and extender

Amy Ever After — eero: Easy WiFi with Great Coverage and Parental Controls

Android Police — eero WiFi Router System And Android App Launch To Very Positive Reviews

AppAdvice — Say Goodbye to Slow Wi-Fi Forever With Eero

Apple Tech Talk— eero — This May Change Wi-Fi Forever

BGR — Revolutionary new WiFi router that promises to kill dead spots not available to purchase

Bloomberg — The Bloomberg Advantage: Weaver on Blanketing Home with WiFi

boingboing — Eero makes extending WiFi range easy, but at a hefty price

Business Insider — A Stanford grad who raised $40 million thinks he’s figured out how to get rid of WiFi dead spots in your house — and it actually works

Cheat Sheet — The 10 Best Routers to Improve Your WiFi at Home — New Tech Speeds up Home and Small Business WiFi

CNET — eero WiFi System review: A convenient (but costly) way to share Internet access

ComputerWorld — eero saved my home Wi-Fi setup. Et tu, Google?

Consumer Reports — Can WiFi routers be sexy?

Cult of Mac — Ditch your old router, eero is the new king of WiFi routers [Review]

Design Milk — 8 Smart Home Devices that Will Make Life Easier

DigitalTrends — Extend your WiFi range with these powerful amplifiers

ego Magazine — Eero — Wi-Fi that Works!

Fast Company — Review: eero’s Innovative WiFi System Takes The Hassle Out Of Networking, For A Price

Fierce Enterprise Communications — Has eero solved the home WiFi user’s connectivity woes?

Financial Times — Home WiFi: two faster hotspots designed for anyone to use

Fortune — Review: eero Is the Future of Home Networking

Fusion — I finally fixed my @$#@% WiFi. Here’s how.

The Gadgeteer — Home WiFi tamed? eero WiFi system promises easy set up and complete coverage

GeekDad— Eero Home Wi-Fi System

Gizmodo — A Stupid Simple Router for Super Lazy People

Hip Daddy — eero — WiFi for every Hip Daddy house

Home Theater Forum — eero: Reviewed — The Most Revolutionary Home WiFi Distribution Network

Hongkiat — 10 smart routers that solve all your WiFi problems

IoT Podcast with Stacey Higginbotham — Episode 47: New money for IoT startups, new routers for homes and eero’s CEO

Krebs on Security — eero: A Mesh WiFi Router Built for Security

Lifehacker — A $500 Router and the Price of Convenience

LinkedIn — eero designs WiFi for the smart home era

Mac Sources — NEWS: eero is Here Fast, Reliable WiFi

Mashable — eero bathes your home in super-charged WiFi

Medium — eero Wireless Router Reviewed

Men’s Journal— Finally, Fast and Easy-to-Install WiFI

MyMac — eero — A Love Story

NetworkWorld — Riding the new Wi-Fi Wave

NetworkWorld— Eero, My Wi-Fi Hero

New York Post — Kill wireless ‘dead zones’ in your home with this high-end router

PC Magazine — eero

Quartz — There’s a frustration-free WiFi router that you can actually set up in less than five minutes

Relevant Dad— Fix your bad WiFi forever

SmallNetBuilder — Mesh Wi-Fi Mashup

TechSupportForum— Advanced Wireless Communication — An Eero Home Wireless System Review

Tech Times — eero Is A Smart, Simple Solution To All Your WiFi Problems At Home

TechCrunch — Hands On With eero, Or A Noob’s Guide To Building An At-Home Wireless Mesh Network

tech50+— Eero is My Hero — Wireless That Works

TIME — 3 Gorgeous WiFi Routers You Won’t Want to Hide

TIME — Review: The System That Could Solve Bad WiFi Forever

Tools and Toys — the eero home WiFi system

USA Today — Review: eero can fix your WiFi woes

USA Today — Best apps and devices for 2016, so far

VentureBeat — Review: eero drastically improved my home WiFi in about 10 minutes

VentureBeat — Design fetish: Behold eero, the most beautiful WiFi router, ever

The Verge — Ctrl-Walt-Delete: Walt and Nilay reset your router

Yahoo! Tech — Review: eero is a pricey but effective fix for WiFi dead spots

Wall Street Journal — The Best Wi-Fi Routers: No More Dead Zones

The Wirecutter — The Best WiFi Router (for Most People)