What would Dad do if the WiFi always worked?

TV dads tell us why they’re thankful for fast WiFi in their homes

[WARNING: this post is riddled with dad jokes]

In celebration of Father’s Day, we caught up with a handful of treasured TV dads — all eero customers, funny enough — to find out what they do with fast, reliable WiFi in their homes (and castles). Here’s what they said:

Phil Dunphy: the “cool” dad

What can I say, I’m a multitasker. I like to spend my time shopping online for drones and drone-attachments, downloading my new realtor headshots (fantastic, BTW), and playing Xbox online with Luke — all while coming up with quippy one-liners for my current Twitter feud with my nemesis Gil Thorpe.

George Bluth Sr.: the businessman

Of all the investments I’ve made, the smartest one, hands down, has been eero. With WiFi everywhere in my home, I can day trade anytime, from any room. A few bad deals landed me back on house arrest, unfortunately. Now I’m working from home on a new-ish business venture. Wait for it: Banana Stand 2.0. Because there’s always money in the banana stand.

Ned Stark: the family man

Not having spotty WiFi at Winterfell is a matter of life or death. To keep my family safe, notifications from my Canary alert me to possible Wildling attacks — even when I’m away, I can hold down the fort. Also, it’s incredibly important that my Nest Thermostat always stays online — insulation in these castle walls is atrocious, and winter is coming.

Red Foreman: the curmudgeon

Back in my day, kids didn’t have all these newfangled gadgets. You pulled weeds in the yard and didn’t complain. But, I’ll admit, finding my buddies on Facebook has been pretty neat. And now that I have WiFi coverage everywhere, when I need a break from Kitty and Eric, I can hideout in the basement and watch HD football in peace.

Eric (Coach) Taylor: Mr. Overprotective

WiFi’s crucial in our house. Between downloading game footage and checking up on my players’ grades, it’s just gotta work. Plus with Family Profiles, I can pause the internet during family dinner so Tami and Julie actually have to talk to me! And with the Nest Cam in the living room, I can make sure Matt Saracen doesn’t get handsy with my daughter. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose signal. #texasforever

Whether your dad is a WiFi wiz or bordering Luddite territory, we think great WiFi is a gift that will be universally loved, and at least more useful than that tie sitting in your Amazon cart.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at eero!

P.S. If you woke up today and realized it’s Father’s Day, never fear! Place your order for eero today and it’ll arrive at your dad’s doorstep by Tuesday. Just in time for him to stream the USA Men’s National Team as they take on Argentina.