eero is designed to keep your network safe & secure.


  • Latest Russian hacking issue reported by US Department of Homeland Security does not affect eero devices.

  • eero is designed to be safe and secure for every customer.

  • For those who care deeply about digital security, eero offers an additional subscription service — eero Plus — to further protect you and your family online.

A recent filing by the US Department of Homeland Security and the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) disclosed that many residential routers have been potential targets for state-sponsored Russian hackers attempting to access and capture US and UK residents’ internet usage data. It is suspected that many of the devices affected used outdated protocols or did not have patches that fix known security vulnerabilities.

At eero, thanks to our automatic and regular software updates as well as a number of other security measures built into our devices and software, we are confident that our customers were not affected by the most recent hack. We know how important it is to have a WiFi network customers can trust and keeping our systems safe and secure is a top priority.

How do we ensure eeros are secure?

Security is at the forefront of our hardware and software — and has been since we first launched.

Security built into every device includes:

  • Hardware and software that we design from the ground up. When eeros are assembled, we validate the security of our software and can prevent loading third-party software or applications carrying malicious bugs on these devices. That’s not the case with many other routers.
  • Network and product validation during setup. When customers add eeros to their network, we run multiple checks to validate the authenticity of that product and can prevent a counterfeit product from connecting to your network.
  • A controlled and protected connection to our cloud. Software updates are only distributed from the eero cloud, and updates are checked for authenticity before installing, ensuring that eeros continue to run trusted and verified software.
  • When needed, rapid security updates. With automatic updates, eero networks remain proactively protected against new security vulnerabilities, such as KRACK.

Alternatively, many other home routers continue to be at risk. Without automatic security updates, other systems are often out of date and lack the latest security protocols, and many systems make it easy for the firmware to be modified or added, which could leave them unexpectedly susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Take your network security up a notch

While we have done a lot to ensure our customers’ network safety and protection while online, it is important to always remain vigilant about any websites you visit or emails you open. The good news is that with our premium subscription service, eero Plus, we add another extra layer of protection for you and your devices from mistakenly accessing malicious websites, viewing unsuitable content, and even preventing your IoT devices from joining potential botnets.

If you already have an eero network and are interested in joining eero Plus, you can now easily sign up by purchasing through