eero for Business: A purpose-built wifi solution for small businesses

There are over 300M small businesses that often have to choose between consumer-grade networking solutions that don’t provide all the tools they need to run their business and support customers, or enterprise-grade solutions that are both complicated to set up and manage and prohibitively expensive. We know business owners want to spend their time focusing on their customers rather than worrying about wifi network management or security – that’s why we created eero for Business

Designed with small businesses in mind

We’ve always been passionate about making wifi and networking the way they should be—easy, secure, reliable, and built for the future. We also believe in building high quality products that solve your business’ needs, which is why we recently released eero PoE 6, a Wi-Fi 6 access point (or router) that can be installed on a wall or ceiling, eero PoE Gateway, a multi-gigabit wired eero router and 10-port PoE switch in one device , and the eero Max 7, our most powerful eero yet.

eero for Business includes a premium set of features that bring the ease, security, and reliability our customers have come to expect and works with most Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 eero devices, so you don’t need a dedicated IT department. It’s a wifi solution purpose-built for small businesses that combines our award winning hardware with easy to use business software that provides Multi SSID, Advanced Security, Captive Portal, Bandwidth Limits for customers, and more. And as your staff size or business needs expand, you can easily add new eero devices to your existing wifi network without worrying about additional subscription fees.

Multi SSID
Multi SSID allows customers to create up to four separate networks, or SSIDs. It’s considered a security best practice to keep your customer, business critical, point-of-sale, and IoT devices all on separate networks.

Captive Portal
Captive Portal allows you to create a branded wifi experience by letting connected users (like visitors, customers, and guests) accept online terms and quickly access guest wifi.

Internet Backup
eero Internet Backup lets you add alternate wireless connections—like a personal hotspot—to keep your wifi up and running even when your wired connection goes down. Minimize the impact of internet service outages on your critical business devices.

Bandwidth Limit
Add bandwidth protection to your business devices. Use Bandwidth Limit to set restrictions on a guest network and help safeguard the bandwidth needed by critical connected business equipment.

Advanced Security
Active threat protection lets you block specific sites and helps keep the employees and customers on your wifi network from accidentally visiting known sites that could lead to phishing attacks and viruses.

Get started with eero for Business

Beginning today, eero network owners will start seeing an annual subscription of eero for Business available within the eero app for $299.99 per year (iOS and Android users will need to update to the latest eero app v6.37.0). New eero for Business customers who sign up today get our early access rate of $199.99 per year for as long as they keep the service–that’s $100 off the annual subscription fee in addition to a 30-day free trial of the service (auto-renews at the early access rate of $199.99 once the free trial ends). 

Learn more about eero for Business here, or reach out to us at 1 (800) 628-5998 if you have any additional questions about setting up an eero wifi network for your business.

eero for Business is subject to the disclaimers found here. Learn more about eero Internet Backup performance and requirements by going here.