How eero teamed up with Frontier Communications to launch their first multi-gigabit, Wi-Fi 7-enabled neighborhood in the US

Wi-Fi 7 technology gets enabled at Creekside Oaks

Today, Frontier Communications has combined their high speed, multi-gigabit internet service with our all-new eero Max 7 to usher in a new era of connectivity beginning with a neighborhood in Parrish, Florida. The 76 homes of the Creekside Oaks Community have stepped into the future of wifi with Frontier’s blazing-fast fiber connectivity and the latest in Wi-Fi 7 technology from eero. 

Dubbed “The Wi-Fi 7 Neighborhood” the community was eager to share their take on the new experience. Kelly Jagow, the HOA President at Creekside Oaks said, “I can see a remarkable difference in the speed of our internet service as well as better speed and clarity in our TV streaming. The eero Max 7 is doing a wonderful job and the two units are covering our entire home with a very strong signal. I can see this service working well into the future as it is scalable if a home needs even more Gigs.”

eero Max 7 brings the future of wifi, right now

Connectivity is core to our everyday lives—we stream movies and TV, take video calls for work, play online games with our friends, and use an ever increasing number of connected devices. As our connected technology evolves, we are using an increasing amount of bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive applications, resulting in demand for faster whole-home internet speeds. With the introduction of Wi-Fi 7 technology, we are entering a new world where residential and small businesses have access to blanketed multi-gigabit connectivity. 

The eero Max 7 is our first Wi-Fi 7 mesh system and the fastest, most powerful eero yet. It combines eero’s patented TrueMesh networking technology with the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard to improve connectivity overall for day-to-day activities by dramatically increasing speeds, avoiding interference from neighboring networks, and improving mesh latency—and with Frontier’s fiber connection, the eero Max 7 will make available the fastest whole-home wifi the residents of Creekside Oaks have ever experienced. After installing the eero Max 7 in his home, resident Randy Woodward said, “We love the streaming speed and my son loves the better ability to game.”

The way wifi should be

Through our relentless pursuit to bring better connectivity, we’re enabling customers to do even more of what they love, even faster—because that’s the way wifi should be. We’re proud to partner with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Frontier to push the boundaries of Wi-Fi technology. We work closely with ISPs that are addressing the growing need for faster, more reliable internet access and seeking the best consumer hardware to meet their customers’ demands. “We are excited to team up with eero to connect the first multi-gigabit, Wi-Fi 7-enabled community in the country,” said Scott Buehrle, VP of Multifamily Sales and Strategy, Frontier Communications. “With Frontier Fiber and eero’s latest Wi-Fi 7 router, the residents of Creekside Oaks Community will get the fastest Wi-Fi speeds they have ever experienced.” 

Learn more about the eero Max 7 here.