eero for Communities: A new wifi solution for managed properties

At eero, we’ve always committed to making technology work, and that’s why we’ve been so focused on improving connectivity for customers. In this pursuit, we’ve been working closely with internet service providers (ISPs) around the world, continuously adding new products and services to solve their biggest challenges and meet the evolving needs of their customers, all through an easy to use eero mobile app and eero Insight

According to Park Associates, 31% of the US population resides in multi-dwelling properties like apartment and condo buildings. With new apartment construction continuing to grow (up 24.1% as of February 2023), ISPs and property managers need a solution that can address the unique connectivity challenges these types of buildings present – ranging from interference from neighboring networks to having to send a technician every time a new resident moves in. That’s why we’re excited to introduce eero for Communities, an all-new solution to make wifi fast, reliable, and secure for managed properties.

What is eero for Communities?

eero for Communities is a purpose-built network management tool for managed properties that will make it easy to deploy and manage eero mesh wifi for their residents. By installing eero devices — like our new class of Power-over-Ethernet devices, eero PoE 6 and eero PoE Gateway — and taking advantage of the powerful and intuitive software, property managers can seamlessly deliver a world-class wifi experience to residents. With eero for Communities, ISPs can deploy quickly and efficiently to MDUs while having fewer installation truck rolls, and proactive network management, simplified customer support and lower costs.

“At eero, our goal has always been to find new ways to bring fast, reliable, and secure wifi to customers everywhere.” said Nick Weaver, CEO and co-founder of eero. “We’ve delivered solutions tailored to meet the needs of internet service providers, small businesses, professional installers, and customers, and today we’re thrilled to bring a solution specifically for property managers and developers.”

eero for Communities enables properties to:

  • Allow residents to customize their private wifi network within minutes of moving in, eliminating the hassle of scheduling technician appointments or purchasing and setting up equipment. Residents can easily set their wifi network name and password, create profiles to protect kids from inappropriate content, block ads, and fully manage their network using the simple and powerful eero app. 
  • Streamline customer onboarding with Service Left in Place (SLIP) which allows them to leave the hardware in the unit, reducing operational costs, truck rolls, and on-site technician time each time a resident moves.
  • Easily deliver smart building experiences through a dedicated property wide IoT network for property-owned IoT devices like thermostats, sensors, and door locks. Property owners and residents can rest easy with automatic over-the-air updates that bring the latest eero features while also helping to keep their network safe and secure.
  • Benefit from reduced wifi interference throughout their building with eero’s firmware capabilities and automatic channel selection (ACS) which automatically senses dense radio frequencies environments common in MDUs and adjusts performance to ensure optimal channels and transmit power for each network.
  • Easily onboard and assists residents with all their wifi needs through a single, centralized dashboard later this year. 

Scott Buehrle, VP of Multifamily Sales and Strategy, Frontier Communications, said, “We are committed to delivering a seamless internet experience. eero for Communities enables our customers to easily connect to our blazing-fast fiber internet when they move into an apartment or condo. This means they can start streaming, gaming, learning, and more as soon as they settle into their new home, without time wasted.”

Simple, move-in-ready wifi

Moving into a new apartment and setting up a new wifi network can be a hassle. But with eero for Communities, setup and getting connected to the internet happens within minutes. Residents only need to download the eero app and validate their linked email address to get access to their personal, customizable wifi network. Residents can also add optional eero Secure features to their account to access advanced online security features, VPN access, and eero Internet Backup.


eero for Communities will be available in the US and Canada next month, and in the UK starting in September, through select ISPs, including Frontier. Learn more about eero for Communities here