Extend your Wi-Fi with eero Built-in, available in the UK on select Echo devices

Music. Alexa. And now Wi-Fi. Get more from your Echo device when you use it as an eero Built-in Wi-Fi extender to add more eero Wi-Fi coverage to your home. 

Turn your Echo speaker into an eero mesh Wi-Fi extender in minutes.

As a pioneer in whole-home mesh Wi-Fi, eero’s products have helped millions of customers experience Wi-Fi the way it should be. Since 2016, we have been building innovative and award-winning Wi-Fi systems and an intuitive smartphone app—so customers can experience fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Last October, we partnered with Amazon’s Echo team to bring eero Built-in and our patented TrueMesh technology to millions of Echo devices in the United States and Canada. And customers loved it, so we expanded eero Built-in to another Alexa smart speaker, Echo Pop, in May.

Today, we’re proud to announce that eero Built-in is available for customers in the UK. With eero Built-in, eero turns select Echo devices into Wi-Fi extenders, so customers can extend their eero network coverage in just a few taps. It is an exciting day, as we also announced eero Max 71—our first Wi-Fi 7 mesh system (and fastest, most powerful eero yet).

Say goodbye to drop-offs and buffering with eero Built-in and a compatible Echo device.

Round out your Wi-Fi with eero Built-in 

At eero, we are always looking for opportunities to get more value out of the technology in our homes. By working with the Amazon Echo team, we developed a way to use the existing radios on an Echo device and turn those Echo devices into eero mesh Wi-Fi extenders—through a software update. With eero Built-in, customers can add up to 1,000 sq. ft. (92 ㎡) of Wi-Fi coverage and support speeds up to 100 Mbps for 10 or fewer connected devices in the 5 GHz band—all at no added charge from eero. Customers need a compatible eero router and compatible Echo device to enable eero Built-in. For full performance information, see details here.

Turn your Echo into an extender in no time

To get started, you will need a compatible eero router and a compatible Echo device to extend coverage. All eero systems are compatible with eero Built-in (except the eero Home Wi-Fi System, First Generation, 2016), including the new eero Max 71, which you can learn more about on Amazon. Echo Pop, Echo Dot (4th & 5th Gen), Echo Dot with Clock (4th & 5th Gen) and Echo (4th Gen) all support eero Built-in. If you’re not sure which Echo device you have, you can visit this helpful guide.

After you have set up your eero and Echo devices, link your Amazon account in the eero app to enable eero Built-in. For more guidance on setting up eero Built-in, read Getting Started with eero Built-in.

Bring connectivity to your favourite spot in the house

eero Built-in is not intended to replace an eero router. It’s built to give you that extra bit of coverage you need to extend your Wi-Fi to the edge of your network. It may help improve a weak Wi-Fi signal for devices on a 5 GHz band. Below are some ways eero Built-in can be used. 

  • Smart home users whose voice-controlled connected window shades refuse to connect due to a dead zone.
  • Media and entertainment lovers who want to stream their favourite Netflix or Amazon Prime Video shows in 4K or HD in their lounge area (which experiences an intermittent Wi-Fi signal). 
  • Security-conscious people who want to monitor their home through their smart cameras while they are away on holiday or pet owners who want to keep an eye on their cat or dog through their pet camera while out for dinner or a match. 
  • New parents who want to improve the connectivity of their baby monitor in the nursery—while they get some much-needed rest. 
  • Students who end up with the corner room in their student hall that has limited connectivity and need a reliable internet connection to complete their homework.

If you are looking for extensive coverage or Wi-Fi for activities that require high internet speeds (such as gaming), we recommend purchasing an additional eero router.

At eero, we’re here to make the technology in our homes just work—and that means continuing to deliver innovative Wi-Fi solutions. We’re excited to bring eero Built-in to our UK customers. To learn more about eero Built-in, visit here.

1 eero Max 7 has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). The device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.