eero Plus with 1Password: manage all your passwords in one place

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of our computer, trying desperately to remember our login. Was it the cat’s name plus your birthday? Your favorite sports team plus the year Titanic was released? And then — after a few failed attempts — we’ve all been locked out.

The average internet user has 25 accounts and types out an average of eight passwords on a single day. Remembering all your passwords and keeping your accounts secure is essential to protecting both yourself and your online identity. To stay safe, you should use different passwords for all your accounts, but doing so (let alone remembering all your passwords) is no easy task. That is why we’ve partnered with 1Password to enhance our eero Plus package and make life a little easier — and more secure — for you and your family.

With 1Password for families, eero Plus members can rest assured knowing that their household is practicing smart online security by using strong, unique passwords for all their accounts. It’s the easiest way to share passwords, credit cards, and anything that’s too important to email. In addition to being safe and secure, 1Password is convenient – signing you into your favorite sites and apps with a single click.

With an eero Plus subscription, you can easily and securely share the logins you choose with up to five family members. Get started today at

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