Good WiFi and a smart fan: what’s not to like?

When we think about smart-home products, we tend to think about futuristic looking ones like Tesla’s Powerwall, Nest thermostats or smart kitchen appliances. But smart-home technology is also transforming things we rarely think about. Take Haiku, for instance, a company that’s applying connectivity to an often overlooked household necessity: ceiling fans. This is why at eero, we love Haiku Fans and have them in our own homes.


Imagine it’s a hot summer day, and you’re coming home from work. You have ceiling fans because you try to conserve energy, and ceiling fans allow you to use less a/c. With an unconnected home, you have to go from room to room, turning on fans. It takes a long time for you to finally feel comfortable.

Not with a smart home. Combine eero’s excellent WiFi coverage with a Haiku smart fan, and you will be comfortable instantly, because you’ve turned on all the fans when you pulled in the driveway. When you step inside, they’re already working in perfect harmony with your smart thermostat throughout your home.

Both eero and Haiku are serious about technology, the kind of technology that makes everyday life easier and better. At eero, we ensure that you’ll never have a WiFi dead spot, which means all your devices — including fans and lights — are always connected and performing at their best.


At eero we care deeply about design. We designed eero (named after the great mid-century designer Eero Saarinen) to be compact with a clean white exterior and an unobtrusive form to fit in any home. With our new pint-sized Beacons, simply plug in anywhere in your home to expand your network in even more places, such as hallways, kitchens, and garages.


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And because we care so much about design, we notice when others do too. The Haiku fan boasts clean, modern lines; we love its natural materials and thoughtful attention to detail.

Add in eero or a plugin Beacon and you can hang your Haiku fan in the backyard studio, then recline on a chaise lounge and stream your favorite shows uninterrupted. If that’s not the description of a perfect lazy summer day, we don’t know what is.