Top 8 smart home products to keep your home safe

Ensuring a safe and secure home is always at the top of every person’s list. According to the FBI, home burglaries are the most common threat to our home. In fact, with the US alone, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Fortunately, recent advancements in technology and the introduction of “smart devices” has transformed the security industry for good — making it easier and more affordable to protect your home from intruders.

Today the options to secure your home are endless. Security monitors can now notify you of activity and monitor the video feed from the convenience of your smartphone. Connected door locks and doorbells that allow you to see who is ringing your bell and even unlock doors remotely from your phone.

And with networking technologies like wifi and Bluetooth, and communication protocols like Thread and Z-Wave, you can create an interconnected and fully integrated network of devices that work in harmony to not only make your life easier but safer as well.

So with so many products designed to protect your home to choose from, where do you start? First of all, not all smart home security and automation products are created equal. To make sure you make the best decision to keep you and your family safe from hard, we’ve put together our favorite eight smart home products that will keep you and your home safe.

Smart Outdoor Security Camera: Nest Cam Outdoor

A key element to a truly secure home is to ensure you can monitor your property when you’re not home. Outdoor security cameras can provide that initial (and possibly only) line of defense. When it comes to product quality, useful features, and excellent reviews, the Nest Cam Outdoor can’t be beaten. It’s not only super easy to install and set up, but this camera packs a lot of cool technology that separates it from the pack. Nest outdoor cameras come in full 1080p HD resolution for a high-quality video along with night vision and customizable activity zones and alerts. And if you own other Google Nest products, you can seamlessly integrate it with your other devices so they work better together. In addition to the hardware, you can subscribe to cloud-based storage called Nest Aware. Prices start at $199.

Smart Indoor Camera – Nest Cam

Another great product from Nest is their indoor Nest camera. Similar to its outdoor sibling, the Nest Cam offers full 1080p video resolution, a rotating stand, and access to the same app service that provides storage and additional features. Prices start at $169.

Security and Alarm System: SimpliSafe Home Security Commando Bravo

Gone are the days where home alarm systems required a professional technician to hardwire a system into the house. With wireless technologies, smart alarm systems are transforming the way home security is viewed. Leading the pack in this category is the SimpliSafe Home Security Commando Bravo system which features a variety of security devices like keypads, motion sensors, and entry sensors. It includes a base station which acts as a central nervous system that is responsible for sending all your alarm signals to SimpliSafe’s 24/7 alarm monitoring center without requiring an actual phone line. 

This package comes with the base station, one keypad, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, auxiliary siren to ward off intruders, glass break sensors, smoke alarm, and a panic button. Prices start at $299.

Smart Doorbell: Ring

What better way to ensure you don’t open the door to any unscrupulous characters than to integrate a camera into your doorbell. See who is ringing your doorbell remotely and even speak to them directly  — all without having to open the door! Ring includes a video camera, motion detection sensors, and a 2-way microphone. Prices start at $199.

Smart Door Lock – August

How many times have you wondered if you remembered to lock the door? Worry no more. The August smart lock easily installs on your existing deadbolt and allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. And with a 24/7 activity log and the ability to create unique codes, you can tracks who enters and exits your home. Prices start at $199.

Smart Light Bulbs – Philips Hue

You might be wondering, how does a smart light bulb make my house more secure? Well, the Philips Hue takes light timers to another level. By integrating your smart bulbs with your smartphone, you can customize which lights it turns on and off from within the app. If you’re not home, it’s a great way to make it seem like people are actually in the house. Starts at $69.

Smart Smoke Detector Nest Protect

The Nest Protect combines a smoke detector and a CO detector in one. Unlike traditional smoke detectors that are not necessarily reliable, the Nest Protect leverages LED-based photoelectric detectors to detect how much light gets scattered by airborne particles. It also has the ability to distinguish smoke from a harmful fire from steam or smoke from cooking which reduces the average amount of “nuisance alarms” by over 30%. Prices start at $119.

Outdoor Lighting System – Kuna Light Fixtures


Great design that fits any modern home, the Kuna smart light fixture offers a hidden HD camera, a motion sensor that can trigger the light to turn on, and a two-way communicator to scare intruders away. Prices start at $179.

There you have it. With these eight devices, you can now protect your home and loved ones with the latest technology and the best home security and automation gadgets on the market.