Help us build (and break) things — eero is hiring

Apply for Project E.E.R.O. today

During eero’s early days, our beta program helped us understand what people really needed from their home WiFi. In the months leading up to our launch, we reached out to family, friends, investors, and early supporters for their candid and direct feedback. You can read all about the program here; it was invaluable in getting the product to a place where we felt ready to ship to all of our loyal pre-order customers. Nothing’s better than testing in the real world to understand if something works, and nothing drives our team to work harder than knowing that there’s an actual customer struggling with a problem that we need to fix.

Since launch, we’ve grown a ton, and have continued to make updates to the product. But we know we can do even better — and we want your help. Starting today, we’re officially opening applications to join Project E.E.R.O. (eero Early Research Operation), our program for people who like to live on the wild side of WiFi. We’ll ask a lot of questions — mostly in surveys but sometimes in person. We’ll invite you to try new features before anyone else, and we’ll count on you to help us figure out what to build next. We’ll probably break your Internet (but don’t worry, we’ll always fix it right away). In return for your help, you’ll get the chance to unload all your WiFi problems on somebody who really cares, earn cool swag, and potentially even try out some new hardware.

We’re not looking for people who are experts on WiFi; we’re looking for people from any background who struggle with connectivity issues in their home and want to help us continue to perfect a solution. We’ll take your feedback seriously, and in turn we’ll expect you to be honest and communicative about your experience. And if you already have an eero WiFi system, you’re welcome, too!

Sound interesting? Apply here — if you’re a match, we’ll get in touch to learn a little more about you and your home. Participants in active projects typically spend about 15–45 minutes a month giving feedback, and each project usually last 6–12 months.

Feel free to reach out at with any additional questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Project E.E.R.O community.