Introducing eero Pro, eero’s authorized dealer program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that eero is now available through distribution centers across the United States, in partnership with Catalyst AV and Access Networks.

As integrators, technologists, installers, networking extraordinaires, IT gurus — and all the home professionals in between — you’re relied upon by homeowners across the country to source the best in home technology. As today’s homes become more connected — with TVs, doorbells, thermostats, and more coming online — you know firsthand the importance of reliable WiFi. It’s the backbone of the modern home. And when it doesn’t work, you’re the ones expected to fix the problem.

eero’s progressive development team is catering specifically to the CEDIA channel, designing solutions that directly benefit professional integrators. A premium wireless product coupled with a forward-thinking organization makes eero an ideal strategic partner for us. — Hagai Feiner, Founder and CEO Access Networks

As part of our exclusive authorized dealer program, eero Pro, you’ll receive benefits including discounted pricing, training, and VIP support. And by completing eero training you’ll unlock special discounts on an eero system for your own home — because the best way to really understand the speed, simplicity, and flexibility of eero is to set up and use it yourself.

Wally Whinna of Allnet Distributing warns of existing WiFi solutions: “Relying on one router is like asking a single light bulb in your family room to light up the whole home.” And adding a range extender to an expensive router is a Band-Aid solution, at best. You need multiple access points working together to power the growing family of connected devices in today’s homes. eero’s whole home WiFi system uses mesh technology to bring signal to every corner of every room, and works for homes of any shape or size.

You’ll love eero because it’s quick and easy to set up on a mobile device. It also continues to get better with over-the-air software updates, making WiFi related truck-rolls a thing of the past. And your customers will love eero features like Guest Access, Family Profiles, and advanced security. By leading with a “network first approach,” eero helps customers get the most out of their multi-thousand dollar investments in connected equipment, and allows them to continue adding the newest technology to their homes.

Trusted home advisors, we want to meet you in person! Visit us at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, TX, Sept 15–17. You’ll find us at booth #7408. We’ll also be speaking alongside the industry’s brightest and leading training sessions throughout the week.

In the meantime, join eero Pro for exclusive pricing, training, and VIP support. Thanks for joining us on this journey. We couldn’t be more excited to offer eero in professional distribution centers across the country.