Welcome to the eero community

A space to connect with eero customers and interact with the eero team

At eero, we constantly work to improve the customer experience, whether by adding new product features or expanding our support options. In order to do this successfully, we need a firm grasp of what you, our customers, want out of a home WiFi system — as well as your current connectivity pain points. By understanding your real world experiences, we’re able to enhance the things you love and improve upon the things you don’t. In short, we need your input.

Today, we’re excited to announce our new eero community.

The community is a collaborative space for current and prospective eero customers to share feedback with us. It’s a place for people to ask and answer questions — not only about eero, but also about their connected lives. And you don’t have to be a WiFi wizard to participate. eero was designed for technical and nontechnical users alike, and we welcome anyone who wants to learn more about eero or share their experience with others. If you love great WiFi, you’ll fit right in. Plus, employees from our Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Support teams will monitor and participate in discussions, making the community a great way to interact directly with the eero team.

Your voice is incredibly important to us, and we hope the eero community empowers you to share your thoughts. Whether you have an issue to report or general feedback to provide, your input will help us continue to develop eero with you, the consumer, top of mind. We’ve already seen great results from external discussion threads like Reddit and Amazon, and we’re excited to provide a customized solution for our customers.

Our community has four different sections:

Questions & answers: Post your questions here and you’ll get answers from fellow community members or eero employees. We want you t0 have all the information you need, so ask away!

Discussion & feedback: We’d love your feedback, and this is the place to share it. The community is also a place to participate in discussions about WiFi, the smart home, and more.

Help Center: Think of this as your one-stop-shop for all our support content — searching on our community also pulls information from our Help Center.

News: We want to keep you in the loop. Any time we have news to share, like product updates or blog posts, we’ll let you know here.

To get started, head over to community.eero.com and click “Sign up” in the top right corner.

Please note: when participating in the community, we ask that you follow our Community Guidelines to ensure we keep this space welcoming and helpful for all.

We hope to see you soon!