Looking Back at 2018

Every year we set out to make sure our customers have reliable, secure, and trusted WiFi. 2018 was no different.

The team focused much of its effort on upgrading our underlying infrastructure to make eero systems even more resilient — with the additional benefit of speeding up our development cadence for new consumer-facing features. We also continued to make sure your networks were secure by improving the flexibility and performance of our eero Plus service. Since the summer, eero Plus has blocked over 16 million malicious sites from loading and prevented 1.5 million inappropriate sites from being visited.

Here are a few of the biggest highlights from 2018:


We believe software development is just as important as the hardware we build. Our software means we can be much more innovative, versatile, and quick-to-respond than traditional router manufacturers. This year, our team released 165 cloud updates and almost 30 firmware and app updates, including:

  • Push notifications from the eero app — get an alert when new devices are added to your eero network.
  • eero Plus Activity Center — check the number of inspections, threat blocks, and content blocks on your home network.
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) — the internet’s next-generation protocol, created to replace the current internet protocol, IPv4.
  • eero Labs — provides an opportunity for customers to try cutting-edge and experimental technologies before they’re rolled out more broadly.
  • iPad support — the eero app is now available for the Apple iPad.
  • Bookshelf — a framework for making eero networks smarter, more autonomous, and, ultimately, more private.


Streaming video (hello, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and powering connected devices are the fun, visible aspects of reliable WiFi. But from day one, security has been deeply important to us — and this has only become truer as cybersecurity threats have continued to multiply.

In June, we outlined our perspective on how a secure router should operate in our first security white paper. We believe customers need true, top-to-bottom protection with multiple, overlapping layers of security for their families and devices. Hardware and software should be designed from the ground up, network setup should include a product validation step, cloud updates should be checked for authenticity, and rapid security updates should be possible when needed.

We also made significant new investments in our internal security team and processes this year — and added a public key infrastructure that allows us to implement asymmetric transport layer security (TLS) between our app and eeros as well as between eeros.

New partners

We want eero to be available to customers anywhere they buy their WiFi equipment, and we are proud to be partnering with internet service providers (ISPs) and home builders throughout the U.S. and Canada. This year, we finalized partnerships with over 25 ISPs, including Eastlink, RCN, Rogers, WOW!, and Sonic. National home builders including D.R. Horton and Tri-Pointe Group have also begun installing eero, as well as regional builders in more than 15 states and Canada.

More 2018 favorites


“Eero’s iPhone and Android app impressed me most. It’s cleanly designed, easy to navigate and responsive.”

… “On the eero …, my iPhone and laptop switched over to the closest access point quicker than when they were connected to other networks. eero Chief Executive Nick Weaver says the company works with some of the most popular device makers to optimize this handoff. You can see which access point you’re connected to in the router’s app but can’t manually connect to a particular one.”- Wall Street Journal


We have a lot planned for 2019 and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Happy Holidays and happy New Year!