Stream on and go for WiFi gold

How to stream the Olympics, plus 5 events we wish existed

It’s that time of year again: the Summer Olympics in Rio are here. Even if you’re a cord-cutter living cable-free, you shouldn’t have to miss a minute. Since this year’s Opening Ceremony, 11.3 million viewers have streamed over 216 million minutes of the games. And contrary to popular belief, streaming quality today rivals that of cable, which wasn’t the case for the last Summer Olympics. As long as you have a strong internet connection, expect excellent picture quality and minimal buffering from top streaming providers. To get in on the action, here’s everything you need to know about how and where to stream.

Now that you’re up to speed, you’re probably feeling inspired by the sheer athleticism and fortitude of this fresh batch of athletes. What if there were Olympic events you could master from the comfort of our own home? We can think of a few, no athletic skill required. Just add WiFi.

1. Opening Ceremony

It’s time to get festive. Chariots of Fire on the mind? Queue up the ultimate Olympic pump-up playlist on your Sonos speakers. Fireworks? Create your very own lightshow.

Skills required: Pride, enthusiasm

2. Marathon Binge-watching

Yes, Netflix. You are still watching. Sure, streaming every season of Frasier over the weekend certainly takes commitment, but you never back down from a challenge.

Skills required: Iron will, fortitude

3. Decathadevice

Jack (or Jill) of all trades. Renaissance (Wo)Man. Multi-task is your middle name. And it’s not just phones and computers anymore. If you really want to be a power WiFi user, more is more: TVs, ovens, cameras, gaming consoles, coffee makers, wine bottles. You can tackle it all, with ease.

Skills required: Multi-tasking, agility

4. Speed Stalking

No shame here. How’s your first girlfriend (who dumped you on the monkey bars for your best friend) doing? Miserable, probably. Floral arrangements that girl from your sorority used? You’ve got the wedding #hashtag on speedclick. What has your 3rd cousin been doing in Spain for the past six months? It’s Portugal, actually. If it’s on the internet, you’ll find it. Fast.

Skills required: Focus, drive

5. Shot Put (that old router)

Perhaps the only event requiring a small amount of athleticism is getting rid of that old, clunky piece of hardware that’s been holding you back from going for WiFi gold. Points awarded for distance and style.*

*Do not attempt in densely populated neighborhoods.

Skills required: Oomph, upper-body strength