This holiday season, give your home a WiFi makeover with The Cousins from HGTV

We worked with The Cousins from HGTV to remodel their home–in under five minutes

It’s that time of year again: holiday shopping, out-of-town guests, and spending time with family and friends. And the last thing you want to worry about is not having WiFi in the guest room, or not being able to connect all your new connected home gifts. What if you could give your home a makeover in under five minutes?

To show what’s possible, we collaborated with “The Cousins,” Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, from the HGTV hit shows, Kitchen Cousins, Cousins On Call, Cousins Undercover, and America’s Most Desperate Kitchens. In their shows, The Cousins help people turn their dream homes into reality.

When we launched the eero Home WiFi System back in February, we knew it would be a perfect solution for people who aren’t only into cutting-edge technology, but also keep design top-of-mind. Just like all of us at eero, The Cousins love design, architecture, and technology. So, it made sense to team with them to fix their home WiFi issues.

Anthony and John have perfect homes for eero — each very different, but equally challenging setups for great WiFi. John lives in North New Jersey in a new house he built for his family. The house is almost 5,000 square feet with really challenging materials, including Ipe wood, corrugated metal, and a metal roof. The home’s space and layout made it difficult for WiFi to travel from one end of the house to the other, leaving John and his family with tons of dead zones.

Anthony’s home, on the other hand, had a different set of challenges — it’s a 1,200 square foot loft in Jersey City, with three floors and almost 50 top of the line connected devices. To add to the problem, Anthony loves to entertain, so his network is always in high demand, and tasked with handling tons of bandwidth.


eero gets rid of dead zones and buffering for people with challenging WiFi networks, just like Anthony and John. And we did just that. Take a sneak peek inside each of their spaces, and hear how eero changed their WiFi, and their homes.

Oh, and one more thing we have in common with The Cousins — The Ellen Degeneres Show! Anthony and John are regular guests on Ellen, helping her surprise deserving families. They collaborated most recently with EllenTube to create their new show Grand Design with The Cousins. And today we’re excited to announce we’ve been included in Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaway, airing today at 4PM on NBC (check your local listing) and on

How has eero transformed your home? Let us know at and we’ll feature your home improvement story here on the blog.