7 smart home gym products that will transform your workout

How to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle — in the comfort of your own home

The best thing about great WiFi is it allows you to do nearly anything from home — including your workout routine. The latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology is quickly making the traditional gym membership obsolete, as everything from spin class to the latest workout equipment comes online.

And there’s a smart device for every type of gym junkie, from the weekend marathoner to the dedicated yogi. With the aid of sensors, many of these devices sync wirelessly to a custom app to provide tailored feedback on your form or offer suggestions to improve your workout. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

For the yogi

Source: Jawbone

Jawbone UP MOVE , $17

The UP MOVE by Jawbone tracks your activity and sleep — which any yogi will tell you is essential to wellness. But the real magic happens when UP MOVE syncs with the app to learn your habits. It uses this information to periodically ping you reminders to be active, and helps you build healthier habits. Think of it as your personal warrior one alarm.

Source: SmartMat

SmartMat, $397

Get personalized feedback on your downward dog — in the comfort of your own home — with SmartMat. Marketed as “the world’s first intelligent yoga mat,” SmartMat uses pressure sensors hidden inside a flexible, rollable mat to provide real-time feedback on how to improve your pose. Start your days with sun salutations or challenge yourself with yoga for core strength using the the SmartMat app, where a Siri-esque instructor offers you suggestions on alignment, balance, and posture.

For the cardio connoisseur

Source: Digitsole

Digitsole Run Profiler, $112

These sleek shoe insoles by French company Digitsole collect performance data every time you run. Syncing the insoles with your smartphone provides feedback to help you improve your times and avoid injury and fatigue. A recently launched audio feedback feature gives you pointers through your headphones during your run. Hello, personal running coach.

Source: NordicTrack

NordicTrack C700, $799 + $9/month for iFit Subscription

Plug your tablet into the holder on the NordicTrack C700 treadmill and the machine instantly becomes smarter. Then, connect to the iFit app via Bluetooth to access hundreds of customizable workout programs and track your stats over time. Transform your workout into a globe-trotting experience by using Google Street View images to mimic the experience of running through a new city every day.

For the ClassPass fiend

Source: Hocoma, Switzerland

Hocoma Valedo, $359

Sitting all day at a computer can weaken your core, giving you a sore, achy back. Valedo, a set of Wii-like, motion-sensing devices, makes it fun to stretch and strengthen your back muscles. Just attach the Bluetooth sensors to your chest and lower back and move your body to navigate more than 50 games on your iOS or Android device. And while the activities might be fun, the device offers serious benefits — it’s FDA listed and recommended by physical therapists.

Source: Peloton

Peloton Bike, $1,995 + $39/month for video subscription

Bring the heart-pumping energy of your favorite spin class to your home gym with a Peloton Bike. The sleek design fits in with any decor, turning your home into a trendy boutique spin studio. Plus, the touchscreen display allows you to tune in to live classes at Peloton’s New York City studio. If your favorite instructor isn’t online, select from more than 3,000 on-demand rides, with options to suit your musical tastes or skill level. Compete against yourself by beating your past performance, or against other riders on the leaderboard.

For the body builder

Source: Withings

Withings Smart Body Analyzer, $130

Love data? Love bulking up? Step onto this sleek scale each morning for uber-accurate weight, fat mass, muscle mass, heart rate, and hydration readings, which seamlessly sync with the Withings Health Mate app. The app’s dashboard shows you trends in your weight over time, data on the air quality in your environment, and even the weather forecast for the day.

Source: Bowflex

Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells, $549

​The SelectTech 560 Dumbbells by Bowflex replace your free weights and personal trainer. They combine the space-saving power of selectorized dumbbells — just turn a knob to lock weights into place — with high-tech Bluetooth tracking. The dumbbells sync with the Three Dimensional Trainer (3DT) app to record the weight you’re lifting and count your reps, while in-app videos coach you on the correct form. The app tracks your progress and calorie burn, too, to show how your strength increases over time.

Retrofitting your basement with connected workout equipment is just one part of setting up your smart home gym. To enjoy these connected devices to their full capacity, you need strong, stable WiFi everywhere in your home. Check out eero’s mesh network system, which brings WiFi to every corner of every room.