4 white elephant gift ideas for the office

We all know the drill. Each year when the holiday season rolls around, inevitably, you’re invited to white elephant gift exchange. While it’s tempting to throw an old chachki in the mix, why not splurge a bit this year and contribute a gift your coworkers will be fighting over. Here are four tech-related white elephant ideas to get you started.

Shibaful Lawn Texted iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) Cases

Price: $32.00

What makes the perfect white elephant gift? We’d define it as practical enough that someone might be able to use it, yet zany enough that they might never buy it for themselves. This lawn-themed iPhone case fits the bill. It’s like having your very own bonsai park on the back of your smartphone.

Cardboard iPad TV Stand

Price: $20.00In the tradition of white elephant, we wouldn’t categorize this cardboard iPad TV stand as useful, but it is fun. The stand is made from locally sourced, 100% recyclable materials and transforms an iPad into an old school TV (rabbit ears not included).

USB personal fan

Price: $14.00

This USB fan plugs directly into your computer’s USB port and can be adjusted to meet your cooling needs. Whether its for the chilling breeze or just for the white noise effect, this personal fan will be a hot commodity at your next gift exchange.

Low tech Star Trek door chime

Price: $29.99

In the spirit of the season, one thing we can all be grateful for is that the new Star Trek television series is top notch. Celebrate this holiday miracle by grabbing Thinkgeek’s Trek door chime for your next White Elephant exchange. Once mounted on the wall or near a door, when someone crosses the threshold, you’ll be alerted with the iconic “door whooshing” sound made famous by the starship Enterprise, or the “Red Alert” alarm.