7 tech gifts for teenagers

So, it’s been a decade (or four) since you’ve been a teen. Times have changed and it’s hard to know what today’s youth want for the holidays. Gift cards are almost a thing of the past, but don’t fear, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of popular tech gifts for the youngsters in your life.

Snapchat Spectacles

Price: $129.99

Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat…it’s hard to keep up with what’s popular amongst teens these days. But if you want to score points with the 16-year-old in your life, Snapchat Spectacles have got you covered. How do they work? Just like sunglasses, place them on your face. Artfully placed in the corner of the glasses is a tiny camera. Press the button to start recording a video, hands-free, and the scene has been successfully snapped. Videos automatically sync to the Snapchat app where they can be stored and shared easily.

Oculus Rift

Price: $399.00

Take media to a whole new level with Oculus Rift. Rift is an immersive VR system that allows you to play games and watch movies in a way you’ve never experienced before. Rift comes with a headset, touch controllers, and sensors. Install the sensors on the wall, slip the headset over your head and you’ll be transported instantly to a whole new world. Just be aware that the home of Oculus Rift will likely be the afterschool meetup location for a bunch of curious high schoolers.

Levin 10 Port USB Charging Station Dock

Price: $36.99

Now for a dose of practicality. The Levin charging station is a convenient way to keep all the phones and tablets in a household charged. With 10 ports, you’ll never have to pick and choose whose devices are docked. Its discreet design eliminates clutter and is convenient for guests (i.e. the soccer team that comes over for pizza)  because everyone can plug into the same charger. It makes a great stocking stuffer and will benefit everyone at home.

Polaroid Cube+ 1440p Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

Price: $99.00

The Polaroid Cube+ is a stylish, portable camera made to capture and share important life moments. That’s why it’s the perfect gift for a teen or tween. From sporting events to school dances to just hanging around on a Saturday night, the Cube+ is there to capture it all. With 90 minutes of recording time and built-in WiFi, it’s never been easier to shoot, edit, save, and share moments big and small.

HUBSAN X4 H107L Quadcopter

Price: $31.60

Alright, so drones may be a bit 2015, but they’re still a lot of fun for kids of all ages. The HUBSAN X4 H107L is a great starter drone because it’s inexpensive enough to replace if it’s flown into a tree but durable enough to keep working after being flown into a wall. The sky is the limit this holiday season.

Name: Sphero R2-D2 Droid

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Sphero-R2-D2-App-Enabled-Action-Figure/dp/B071KSR86B

Price: $129.00

Sphero produces interactive robots controlled by a mobile device. With the comeback of Star Wars, they’ve now produced Star Wars theme droids like BB-8 and R2-D2. R2-D2 can be controlled via the Sphero companion app, and it’ll even respond when the Star Wars movies are playing. We promise, these are the droids you’re looking for.  

Name: Nintendo Switch

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Switch-Gray-Joy/dp/B01LTHP2ZK

Price: $299.00

Released earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch revolutionized the gaming experience by offering gamers the ability to play games both at home and on-to-go, all while using the same console. It’s like having a Nintendo 64 and a Gameboy, but in one modern, cleanly designed device. The experience is seamless when switched from console to on-to-go mode. This gift will receive rave reviews.