eero data report | connected device patterns

WiFi has become a core utility in many U.S. homes, along with water and electricity, playing an indispensable role in our daily lives. While the growth of connected devices can be quantified with industry studies and statistics, what’s less clear is how WiFi is changing habits and digital consumption in our homes.

Using data collected from hundreds of thousands of eeros and results from over 2,000 survey respondents, eero’s second consumer data report explores trends in connected device adoption, usage patterns, and behaviors, broken out across regions and by gender and age. For the purpose of this report, we collected anonymized data from eero networks in 10 major metropolitan areas around the U.S.

Device Trends

With connected device ownership on the rise, patterns begin to emerge across regions and age groups. This section will explore average WiFi network size, which cities and age groups are the most “connected,” and how they feel about the security of their technology.

Fun fact:
Austin’s tech scene has been on the rise for the last few years, and it’s currently leading in the U.S. as the city with the most connected devices – giving the Bay Area a run for its money.

Connected devices

In the U.S. roughly 80% of households have up to 7 connected devices – Apple products hold the top two spots with the iPhone and iPad.



Time on the internet

This section takes a closer look at how much time people spend on their home network, what hours of the day — and days of the week — networks see the most traffic, and how people interact with connected devices throughout the day.


Fun fact: Millennial women edge out Millennial men in the amount of time spent online every day.

Most active days of the week on eero networks

With Sunday as the most popular day of the week on eero networks and Friday the least active, it seems like people are blowing off steam on Fridays and getting their streaming video binging in on Sundays.


How long are people awake before checking their smartphone?

42% check their phone within 0-10 minutes
32% check their phone 31+ minutes
27% check their phone within 11-30 minutes




Fun fact: Most people spend a significant amount of time on their devices before falling asleep. recommends at least 30 minutes of screen-free time before bed for better sleep.


Cord cutters anonymous

We’re living in a renaissance of streaming services — Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and HBO GO offer content on demand. Does this mean people are cutting the cable cord in favor of subscription services? This section explores the trend of cord cutting and patterns of streaming devices on eero networks.



Fun fact: While streaming service subscriptions are a rising trend, almost half of people in the U.S. don’t subscribe to one yet. However, there are more people without cable and one streaming service vs. people with cable and no streaming service.

eero device index

Think of eero’s device index as a catalog of top WiFi connected devices for the home. Each report, we’ll update the top 40 devices attached to eero networks to track the popularity of connected devices over time. Below are the most popular devices on eero networks.